Sep 262014

ambrose 01

as a city dweller living in rented accommodation space is not something i have an abundance of in my home, so i’m also excited to see new collections emerge which strive to make living easier through space-busting clever designs that tackle everyday storage and logistical nightmares in the home.

the new ambrose collection from heal’s, which previewed during last week’s design festival, is full of intelligently designed furniture and essential products for all areas of the home, especially where space is at a premium. ambrose aim to distance themselves from disposable culture and challenge the notion that quality product and design comes at a premium price and have enlisted the help of some designers and brands i’ve long admired, including hartô, skagerak and colonel, to meet this challenge.

the collection is fittingly named after amrose heal, a design pioneer whose work married the philosophical aims and practical intentions of the arts & crafts movement to create simple, well-designed and lasting pieces of furniture and strove to make them available to a broader audience, typified by his work for the hampstead and letchworth garden city projects in the early 20th century.

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