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a measure of harmony

i love all the beautiful details in this lovely light-filled family home in rörsjöstaden, malmo, which i spotted over on swedish estate agent bo-laget.

situated in an old shop premises, the three bedroom apartment has the gorgeous surfaces throughout that are sympathetic to the building’s 1920s origins; white oiled parquet in the main living areas, polished limestone in the kitchen and luscious mint green tiling in the bathroom. it was the huge magazine stacks on the window seat and curated gallery wall above the cosy sofa that really won me over though, along with that subtle flash of duck-egg blue on the lower third of the walls, accentuating the ceiling height and overall spaciousness of the flat.

i also love the mismatched modern ikea pieces interspersed with midcentury icons, providing a masterclass in how to seamless marry old and new in perfect harmony. it’s all about stripping back and celebrating the refined details of a piece, keeping things simple and uncluttered with a few choice accents.

if only i could live like that..!

Regram from the lovely @thelondongiftingstudio of one of our walnut coffee scoops in action! #forestandfound #thelondongiftingstudio #woodwork #carving #spoon #scoop #coffee
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forest & found

i recently came across east london craft brand forest-and-found and instantly fell for their quiet charm and shared love of making and working with natural materials. set up in early 2014 by chelsea college of art & design graduates max…

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ready to spritz

do you have a go-to summer drink? originating from sun-soaked city of padua in northern italy back in 1919, aperol‘s tempting mix of bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb and cinchona make it not just a perfect tipple to enjoy on the…

Nice Sunday morning 02
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the subtle pursuit of scent

would you travel abroad for the weekend without luggage? it’s been fascinating to see so many people on twitter shudder at the words hand baggage only, let alone the idea of traveling sans bagage for a few days! i…

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le voyageur sans bagage

for me, the most agonising point of any overseas trip is that torturous wait by the baggage carousel after a long flight, on an absolute knife edge waiting for a glimpse of your suitcase gliding its way around. that immediate, almost…

Fantastic Frank Sibyllegatan 50B 04
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desert blush

i’m not often drawn to pink as an accent colour in the home, but these beautiful interior shots i spotted over on fantastic frank this weekend have certainly turned my head and given me some food for thought… the abundance of…