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June 24, 2015

  • LSA Stilt Collection 001
  • LSA Stilt Collection 002
  • LSA Stilt Collection 003
  • LSA Stilt Collection 004
  • LSA Stilt Collection 005
  • LSA Stilt Collection 006
  • LSA Stilt Collection 007
  • LSA Stilt Collection 008

meet the latest addition to my kitchen: the new stilt collection from lsa international.

elevated on wooden stilts, this clever stackable collection of mouth-blown glass and porcelain serving pieces and decorative accessories sit atop natural ash stands that can be handily stacked in a number of combinations, creating versatile and highly functional serving options for dinner parties, evening soirees – even picnics!

sleek, elegant and pared down, i love the aesthetic of this lovely new collection plus it’s space-saving credentials make it a real winner in my book. our kitchen table is tiny – and an actual dining room non-existent in our little london flat – so we decamped into the garden for an impromptu picnic utilising the new range; the little stilts are perfect for ensuring your picnic spread is kept up off the ground and away from any pesky crawling insects (the bane of picnics everywhere, right?)

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the art of un-doing.

June 22, 2015

  • AirBnB Studio Flat Whitstable 01
  • AirBnB Studio Flat Whitstable 02
  • AirBnB Studio Flat Whitstable 03

there really is nothing better than taking a time-out from the constant go, go, go of modern life, is there?

last week i took myself away from the daily rigours of the big smoke to enjoy a solo sojourn at the english seaside. and let me tell you, it was bliss.

i booked myself into the cutest little airbnb studio flat for the week – a stone’s throw from the beach! – and enjoyed five days of complete relaxation; long contemplative walks along the coastline, leisurely hours sat on the beach with my nose in a good book, beautiful sunsets enjoyed with fish ‘n’ chip suppers while the waves crashed gently on the shore… and absolutely no email, phone calls or social media distractions!

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power down

June 13, 2015

digital detox

neom organics recently conducted a national lifestyle stress audit and found that an incredible 9 out of 10 women in the uk are stressed, with almost half (49%) of women feeling that they don’t take enough time to look after their health and wellbeing, even though they regard it as a priority. sadly, that’s a stat i can wholeheartedly relate to.

so with that in mind, i’m powering down and checking out for a few days, and embracing a ‘digital detox’ mindset. an ‘iphone off, yoga pants on’ kind-of thing; paperbacks over kindle, notepad over tablet.

see y’all on the other side!

my digital detox lust list: 1. fashercise 2. quill london 3. faber castell 4. neom organics 5. a selection of my favourite books! 6. fashercise 7. sweaty betty

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through the keyhole

June 10, 2015

at mine public launch june 2015

are you a member of at{mine} yet? it’s a wonderful online community space for home & design lovers where you can share snaps of your own home interiors and tag the sources of your style to inspire others.

as is probably already very apparent, i love being able to sneak a peek in the window of other people’s homes and firmly believe that a person’s choice of interior decoration can be very reflective of their personality as a whole. i’ve been an at{mine} beta member from the beginning (you can see my earlier post here) and love snooping around the site, discovering how fellow bloggers and creatives style their homes, and taking part in the community discussions that inevitably arise whenever someone posts something new. now the site is opening its doors to everyone and soon you’ll be able to peek through the keyhole of the fabulous homes of its community members too!

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indie rock ‘n’ roll

June 5, 2015

  • Indie Home Collective 01
  • Indie Home Collective 02
  • Indie Home Collective 03
  • Indie Home Collective 04
  • Indie Home Collective 05
  • Indie Home Collective 06
  • Indie Home Collective 07
  • Indie Home Collective 08

i recently stumbled across auckland-based lifestyle concept store indie home collective and fell instantly for their beautiful fresh house style; all white-washed walls, concrete floors and natural layered colour palette.

the online shop is a treasure trove of luxe craftsmanship from brands such as broste, bedouin society, penney & bennett and pappelina, curated in a boho-scandi style with distinct antipodean twist. there’s a real emphasis on the beauty of natural materials – from acacia and marble to burnished metal and slate – and a wealth of quirky monochrome and rustic accents, from kilim rugs to moroccan wool-silk textiles.

gosh, it’s hard just to pick a few things to add to my shopping bag – happy weekend, all!

lust & covet

summer lovin’

June 3, 2015

#brighternights rekorderlig cider summer 2015 01

something strange has happened in london since june arrived earlier this week. the grey rain clouds have rolled in and a blustering gale seems intend on whipping itself around every corner. but, surely, #brighternights are on their way…

it doesn’t take much more than a flash of blue sky and a bottle of cider to make that sought-after summer feeling a reality in my mind. for their new campaign, rekorderlig are asking you to recall your best summer memories from years gone by, and all my best memories of summers past involve the great outdoors – be it the blustery english coastline, the saturated sunshine of the med, or simply kicking back and relaxing in one of london’s wide open spaces – and, more often than not in recent years, i’ve had a bottle of rekorderlig in my hand!

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