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every night i rush to my bed

February 26, 2015

Bedding SS15 Updates

when the world is spinning, spinning, spinning, sometimes the only thing to do is climb into bed, pull the covers over your head and breathe deeply…

it’s going to be a while before i find time for such peaceful pursuits, so for now i’m going to going to have to content myself lusting after these lovely springtime bedding updates: 1. toast 2. loaf 3. aura 4. oates & co 5. norsu interiors 6. alfred

design & décor

a space to sleep

February 19, 2015

  • Stadshem bedroom inspiration 001
  • Stadshem bedroom inspiration 002
  • Stadshem bedroom inspiration 003
  • Stadshem bedroom inspiration 004
  • Stadshem bedroom inspiration 005

stadshem has become a wonderful go-to site for interiors inspiration for interiors bloggers lately, but have you checked out their pinterest boards too?

it’s so much more indulgent to scroll through their beautiful lived-in styling by room than by individual property, particularly when you’re after specific decorating or styling tips. living in a rented property means that i don’t have the scope for full-scale home improvements and have to content myself with seasonal updates to my bedroom-slash-office space, and employ creative zoning techniques to ensure my sleep space remains as separate as physically possible given the 1m of actual separation between the two!

while it might still be a bit darn nippy outside i’m already mentally redoing the space for spring, seeking out fresh bed linens and textiles, as well as artwork for the wall. i’m still drawn to washed linens, such as the lovely dusky pinks in the slideshow above, or i may well just finally give into temptation and buy that yellow bedlinen set by scholten & baijings for hay. well, it has been on my lust list for years now…

design & décor

watercolour inks

February 18, 2015

  • Broste Copenhagen Lookbook Spring Summer 2015 001
  • Broste Copenhagen Lookbook Spring Summer 2015 002
  • Broste Copenhagen Lookbook Spring Summer 2015 003
  • Broste Copenhagen Lookbook Spring Summer 2015 004
  • Broste Copenhagen Lookbook Spring Summer 2015 005
  • Broste Copenhagen Lookbook Spring Summer 2015 006
  • Broste Copenhagen Lookbook Spring Summer 2015 007
  • Broste Copenhagen Lookbook Spring Summer 2015 008

the new broste copenhagen lookbook for spring/summer is inspired by the life and home of a working artist, and i find myself completely transfixed by the inky blue washed walls and aquatic colour palette. shot by line thit klein and styled by marie graunbøl, the imagery is awash with springtime exuberance, showcasing a s/s collection that embraces the colours of the nordic landscape and bringing them in to the home.

i also love the little behind-the-scenes post on the broste blog which takes me back to my styling assistant days; long, hard hours on set but ones full of creativity, inspiration and joyful expression. this must have been such a wonderful shoot to work on!

lust & covet

the best day of the year.

February 13, 2015

valentines treat yourself gift guide

they say in life that often the only person you can count on is yourself, which makes this year’s cosmic alignment of valentine’s day actually falling on the weekend the perfect opportunity to ‘treat yo-self, as donna & tom would say (sing).

so tomorrow i’ll be treating myself to a little bit of ‘me-time'; indulging in a long, hot bubble bath, a bar of my favourite chocolate (mast brother’s brooklyn blend, in case any secret admirers were wondering…) and escaping into the french riviera setting of my all-time favourite novel.

happy valentines, my lovelies xx

this week i’m coveting: 1. hush 2. mast brothers 3. yves saint laurent 4. hush 5. selfridges 6. space nk 7. kate spade  8. amazon

design & décor

when we dance

February 11, 2015

  • Lundin Skogsliden Göteborg 001
  • Lundin Skogsliden Göteborg 002
  • Lundin Skogsliden Göteborg 003
  • Lundin Skogsliden Göteborg 004
  • Lundin Skogsliden Göteborg 005
  • Lundin Skogsliden Göteborg 006
  • Lundin Skogsliden Göteborg 007

just checking in with a little midweek interiors inspiration; there really is nothing like perusing a swedish estate agent‘s website to drive home just how stylish nordic living is!

the individual decor pieces in this urban living space might not be completely my cup of tea (skulls on cushions and kartell ghost chairs are not quite my jam), but the overall aesthetic of this little gothenburg apartment is perfectly executed. i particularly love that wire fretwork display unit atop the petite white butchers table, and that cosy little tv den under the eaves…

food & travel

life is too short for bad coffee.

February 8, 2015

  • Pact Coffee Fig Pudding Espresso Blend 001
  • Pact Coffee Fig Pudding Espresso Blend 002
  • Pact Coffee Fig Pudding Espresso Blend 003
  • Pact Coffee Fig Pudding Espresso Blend 004
  • Pact Coffee Fig Pudding Espresso Blend 005

those who know me (or follow me on instagram), know i am something of a coffee fiend. hell, i even have an espresso machine on my desk and a whole board dedicated to caffeine delights on pinterest. so it stands to reason that my idea of the perfect sunday morning would involve lazing around in bed with a pot of fresh steaming coffee by my side. enter pact coffee.

pact ethically source rare coffees from all over the world, paying farmers a minimum of 125% of the standard fairtrade rate for their beans, which are then roasted in pact’s bermondsey hq, before being ground and shipped moments after. the flexible subscription service allows you to set your delivery preferences according to the amount of coffee you drink, and can be paused or canceled at any time. coffee is ground according to your chosen brew method – espresso, drip, aeropress, stovetop or cafetiere – and sealed in special valve bags to keep it fresher for longer. i was sent a few samples to try last week, and was sent into raptures of delight at the heady scent  that hit me when i opened my package – seriously, is there any better scent in the world than freshly ground coffee?

this morning i treated myself to the rich, heavy fig pudding espresso blend, created by combining coffee from two different farms, la joyeria and el retiro. just one of pact’s rare artisan blends, this colombian-mexican infusion has a velvety full body and undertones of hazelnut and citrus, and was a sheer delight to indulge in during a long, lazy morning spent perusing the debut issue of my lovely friend katie’s fiera magazine. it was so enjoyable that i’m already planning my next lazy coffee morning, as i’m excited to try a few cups of the san marcos timaná blend, which promises a milk chocolate softness with light cherry notes.

the lovely folks at pact are offering readers a whopping 70% off your first order, meaning you’ll pay just £1.95 instead of £6.95 for your first pot of coffee heaven. just use the voucher code ‘fablife15′ when signing up. oh, and don’t forget to let me know which is your favourite blend!