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i’m not often drawn to pink as an accent colour in the home, but these beautiful interior shots i spotted over on fantastic frank this weekend have certainly turned my head and given me some food for thought…

the abundance of daylight that fills the interior is amplified by the whitewashed walls and light wooden flooring, helping to keep the pink accent hues delicate and fresh, instead of overpoweringly girly. the blush tones and tempered by metallic tones of copper and silver alongside the masculine silhouettes of the sofa, chaise longue and ghost coffee table.

the strikingly chic colour palette of this östermalm home got me thinking about how best to create the look in my own home; these are a few of my fave accessory pieces to get the look yourself*:

*these items can be purchased directly from the fabric of my life shop: simply click the +buy button on the products above to add them to your cart. happy shopping!

Odette NY Gaia 005
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arrow to my heart

i love the way that chance conversations on twitter can lead you down the internet rabbit hole to making delightful new discoveries of designers, products and spaces. catching up online yesterday with a blogging pal i haven’t spoken with in…

The Breakfast Collection - Espresso cup 2
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slowing down

i love the debut ceramic tableware collection from nina+co, which brings into focus the most important meal of the day, breakfast. nina has collaborated with central saint martin’s graduate nam tran to create this stylish ergonomic range. made from responsibly sourced materials…

LSA Stilt Collection 002
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meet the latest addition to my kitchen: the new stilt collection from lsa international. elevated on wooden stilts, this clever stackable collection of mouth-blown glass and porcelain serving pieces and decorative accessories sit atop natural ash stands that can…

the art of undoing feat slider
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the art of un-doing.

there really is nothing better than taking a time-out from the constant go, go, go of modern life, is there? last week i took myself away from the daily rigours of the big smoke to enjoy a solo sojourn…

sweaty betty yoga digital detox feat slider
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power down

neom organics recently conducted a national lifestyle stress audit and found that an incredible 9 out of 10 women in the uk are stressed, with almost half (49%) of women feeling that they don’t take enough time to look after their…