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bicycles are big news right now.

elsewhere in europe, cycle chic has been big news for aeons, but the past few years have seen an enormous explosion of bicycle love (and hate) across the capital. even i, famed bicycle loather, have been bitten by the urge to hop back into the saddle.

my bicycle loathing stems from a cycling ‘incident’ in my youth (headfirst over a tennis net, don’t ask!) as well as several near-misses by over-zealous london cyclists intent on gunning me down.

but with the tour-de-france in full swing, and a brit heading the pack, there has never been a better time to get back into cycling. i love all the vintage models that are being paraded around town by lithe young girls, their long hair flowing as they sail down the street, obligatory flowers in handle-bar baskets, headphones in ear.

check out the cool london bicycle chic blog for retro-inspired helmets, safari style panniers, and cyclodelic capes. get the low-down on city cycling with style at let’s go ride a bike, or for a bit of european influence visit mikael colville-anderson’s copenhagen cycle chic, a site described as the “sartorialist on two wheels” by the guardian.

and a massive thank-you to chessie who has pointed me in the direction of bicycle blogspot riding pretty. i found these lovely pictures there.




  1. chessie

    17 July

    RidingPretty is the name of the best bicycle blog ever!

  2. kate

    20 July

    thank you chessie! i had to go and update my post, you were right, the blog is excellent! x

  3. […] pink, who i have discovered she is the photographer behind some of the images i featured in my riding pretty post a while back, which i had found via the riding pretty […]

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