ginger lillies

ginger lillies





these light, airy images are by photographer keri-anne pink, who i have discovered is the photographer behind some of the images i featured in my riding pretty post a while back, which i had found via the riding pretty blogspot.

keri-anne’s photographs are so soft and beautiful, full of light and the palest of colours, evocative of the nicest and sweetest of daydreams. there is a hint of alice-in-wonderland-esque playful delight, of fairytales caught on film. each image offers an escape from the mundane and the ordinary into a wonderfully fascinating and romantic world. i am truly in awe of her talent!

if, like me, you love keri-anne’s photography, you can view more escapist images on her flickr pages, read her blog, or purchase a print from her etsy shop.


  1. amanda

    17 August

    Oh Kate, these pictures are so pretty.
    I will check out her blog.

  2. Kayt

    17 August

    That’s my daughter, and I am so proud of her, thankyou for this feature

  3. Keri-Anne Pink

    17 August

    you are truly wonderful! thank you thank you xx

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