{you inspire me} susannah conway

{you inspire me} susannah conway

i know i’m really going to struggle to find the right words to explain just how much susannah conway inspires me. not only does she take the most beautiful and dreamy polaroid photographs, and writes a wonderfully engaging and honest blog, she is also the founder of the unravelling e-courses, which i have been so lucky to have been participating in these past eight weeks.

the process of unravelling is a unique and often intense experience. an on-going journey which somehow draws a life force out that you had no idea existed within you. the bonds forged between class-mates have become stronger and more ‘real’ than i ever fully believed they could, especially when you consider that the students of this course are spread far and wide across the globe, each coming from wildly different walks of life, and gathering together in a virtual world of photography, words and videos. oh! the videos! never in my wildest dreams did i envisage making a video of myself to share with my fellow classmates, but one by one, as we all began unravelling, it seemed like a natural extension of the photography medium, and the faces and voices began to ring clear.

at the centre of this wonderful world of unravelling is susannah; a ray of light and a beacon of hope, comfort and safety. her weekly videos were gently coaxing and insightful, and she has a natural talent for drawing out the most important aspects of a personality for further examination and discovery. her weekly photographic assignments encourage you to look at the world surrounding you with new eyes, finding beauty and redemption in the most unexpected places. the weekly writing assignments were gently cathartic, revealing, emotional and thought-provoking, and the whole course combined to deliver a surge of creative inspiration which i, for one, hope to carry forth with me as i forge deeper and deeper in my own unravelling.

these are the only words i have right now: thank you, susannah, from the very bottom of my heart.


  1. Bea

    2 March

    And I feel exactly the same, in every way.

    She is a star.

    Love you both to bits!


  2. Rhianne

    2 March

    I love her and I haven’t even done the course – this just makes me want to do it more!

  3. Susannah

    2 March

    i’d type a proper comment but i have tears in my eyes and i can barely see the keys!! thank you so much, angel xoxox

  4. Tor

    2 March

    Wow! What a gorgeous post about someone who has inspired you. I start Unravelling next week. Can’t wait [Susannah, you’re slowly morphing into a God!]

  5. Carrie

    2 March

    I agree completely!!

    I am a previous member of her Unravelling course, and agree that Susannah inspires me in a way that few do. I love her that she’s honest, raw, and has such an eye for beauty in the simple things… but I most love her imperfection. So many online course instructors/bloggers/etc., although brilliant, are just always so… so… so darn HAPPY. It can be very intimidating to someone trying to find themself, like me. Creating an online persona like that is an easy feat to achieve, but being honest, being emotional, putting your real self, your real opinions, and your real work out there… being someone that doesn’t have the most perfect day, every day, even though they are grateful and happy with their life and take pretty pictures… that speaks volumes.

    Thank you, Kate, for writing and sharing such a lovely post. :)
    And thank you, Susannah, for just being you!!

  6. graceandivy

    2 March

    I adore these pics…I’m going to check out her blog now…and her courses sounds so intriguing. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Susannah

    2 March

    hee! i think it’s the PMS that keeps me so real :-D

  8. bella

    2 March

    i loved reading this. it was great getting to know you and your photos? hello? beautiful !!

  9. happy giny

    2 March

    Dear Kate,
    thank you for this beautiful homage to Susanah. I am also a fellow unraveller who is a bit lost since the course ended, I am in denial! I wish these last 8 weeks would not have gone by so fast.
    I am sooo happy that thanks to it I have met gorgeous people, like you, from all around the globe.
    take care ,

  10. allapics

    2 March

    so beautifully unravelled. xoAllison

  11. my fave is that one of the blossoms! love it!

  12. Anna

    9 March

    I just started taking Susannah’s class. I am excited about it. I am so happy to hear that you were inspired by her.

  13. Alexandra

    10 May

    This is such a beautiful homage to Susannah. I start Unravelling on the 24th and am so so so looking forward to it! Thank you for this “sneak peek” of sorts into what is to come.

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