you know what they say about buses…

you know what they say about buses…

honestly! you wait ages for your favourite stateside boutique to cross the pond, and then two go and show up within six months of one another!

so, i popped in to the preview day at the new anthropologie store on the king’s road today (official opening is tomorrow) and i have to say, i might even love it more than the flagship store on regent street!

the new shop is located in the 8000-square-foot antiquarius building, which was formerly a gentleman’s club. everything is housed on a single ground floor and lower mezzanine, so you are not constantly trundling up and down the stairs as you are in regent street, which i definitely appreciate. sure, there is no ‘living wall’ but this store has it’s own waterfall and a much more chilled-out vibe. it feels lighter and airier than the flagship, and clothing, beauty and homewares are mingled in a much more seamless fashion.

with necessary purse-pinching, i managed to restrain myself and only purchased this super cute necklace, which will go with everything in the coming summer months, and some adorable little luggage labels which i will use in a photo shoot soon i’m sure.


  1. Lynne

    18 March

    And, my all-time favourite, J Crew is coming too (only online at net a porter, but still!)

  2. I love each and everyone of their stores!!!

  3. Amanda

    18 March

    Oh, lucky girl with Anthropologie so close.
    Love the necklace and your blog looks lovely.
    Or have I said that already? lol

  4. Christina

    19 March

    Sigh, the store itself is a piece of artwork. Every corner I turn to in that store makes me squeal hehe. Great choice of necklace, it’s really darling.

  5. sas

    20 March

    its almost worth taking the day off to explore without the crowds :)

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