an eggcellent selection

1. milk chocolate marc de champagne truffles easter egg, charbonnel et walker  2. milk and dark chocolate rabbits, melt  3. choxi+ mini eggs in dark chocolate, prestat 4. funky caramel eggs, demarquette  5. dark chocolate boiled eggs, artisan du chocolate  6. you crack me up extra thick easter egg, hotel chocolat  7. hand-painted chocolate easter egg no.4 with japanese bird design, rococo chocolates  8. mock turtle soup easter hamper, demarquette      9. the colossal luxury egg, fortnum & mason

wow, there truly are some amazing easter eggs on offer this year!

how fantastic are the dark chocolate boiled eggs from artisan du chocolat and the alice in wonderland inspired collection from demarquette, which includes tweedle dee milk chocolate pralines and sparkly mad hatter tea cups, as well as milk chocolate mock turtles.

but i’m secretly hoping for a stash of choxi+ mini dark chocolate eggs from prestat, my ultimate guilty pleasure!


  1. Heather

    25 March

    Hmmm. #6, #8 or #9… I’ll take one of each, thank you very much. Good post, today!

  2. sas

    25 March

    mmmmmm choxi…..

  3. Mr C.

    25 March

    Love no. 6 you spoilt our surprise!

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