beck and call

the response to my {you inspire me} profile on cassia beck was overwhelming, so i am delighted that cassia has agreed to give away an 8″x8″ print as part of my ‘now i am one’ celebrations.

for your chance to win, just head over to etsy and check out both of her stores: cassia beck and lola’s room. choose your favourite print, then pop back here and leave your choice in the comments box, along with your answer to this question:

and this week, you have not one but two chances to win a prize, as the lovely cassia is also offering the brooch below from her cassia rose collection, which has been especially made for readers of the fabric of my life! how wonderful is that!?

to be eligible for entry in the second draw to win this brooch you must promote this giveaway via facebook or twitter (quote @fabricofmylife), and leave me a note in the comments form to say you have done this, and you will be entered into the draw.

both giveaways end at midnight on sunday 16th may, and the winner will be announced here on monday 17th may.

stay tuned for the announcement of the winner of last week’s gingerlillytea giveaway, which will be made very shortly…


  1. Marthe

    10 May

    My guilty pleasure is magazines. I spend so much money on them every week, and I know I shouldn’t.. (I’m a student, I should spend my money on books and food! ;)

    I also tweeted about this giveaway! The brooch is so nice! :)

  2. Helena

    10 May

    My favourite print is the peacock feathers!

    And my guilty pleasure is probably pop songs from when I was growing up. Backstreet Boys, Five, *NSYNC, Spice Girls, and my favourite “oldie”, the one I dance to no matter what… Whitney Housten’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”

  3. Helena

    10 May

    Oh dear, I got way too excited about the peacock feathers print! My favourite after looking at Lola’s Room is the Parisian photo!:

    And my guilty pleasure is probably pop songs from when I was growing up. Backstreet Boys, Five, *NSYNC, Spice Girls, and my favourite “oldie”, the one I dance to no matter what… Whitney Housten’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”

  4. elissa c

    10 May

    My favourite print? How can I possibly pick just one? Umm…eenie meenie miney…Cotton Reels!

    My guilty pleasure is reading trashy chick lit novels and hiding them under my bed so visitors don’t realise (only serious text books and “literature” out on the shelves)!

  5. Anna

    10 May

    My favourite print is the High Tea 5 x 7 Print
    My guilty pleasure is blogs. I spend way too many hours in a day browsing beautiful blogs and not getting much work done!

  6. kristi

    10 May

    My favorites from Lola’s Room are: quietly and cotton

    My guilty pleasure: books and magazines…i like them a lot!

  7. Michelle

    10 May

    The View is my favorite and my guilty pleasure is watching Glee! I really don’t watch television but for Glee, I make an exception!

  8. Karen Beth

    10 May

    I LOVE the Before Sunrise print. Absolutely amazing!

    Guilty pleasure? Any sort of soft cheese. Brie is a favorite. YUM!

  9. holly

    10 May

    ah its so hard to pick a favourite! I really like ‘Cup of Butterflies’ so I’ll pick that one!
    my guilty pleasure is fairycakes, I can’t just stop at one I have to have more!

  10. Rebecca

    11 May

    I swear the photos on Cassia Beck’s Etsy store are of Brighton Pier where I was born! I now live in Australia but my favourite print would have to be the ‘set of four 5×5’, the four different shots of the pier. Brings back memories!

    My guilty pleasure would have to be eating chocolate in the bath!!! Absolute heaven!

    Please take a look at my photography and design blog

  11. Celeste

    11 May

    I’ve been a fan of Cassia’s photography ever since I found her website almost last year now. I can’t get enough- Magnolia Falls is my absolute favorite. And, my guilty pleasures are splurging on afternoon tea (going out to get the scones, etc) and watch Pride and Prejudice (2005) over and over and over again. :)

  12. Naomi Smith

    11 May

    My favourite print is without a doubt Play

    Beautiful images as ever, have tweeted and my guilty pleasure is photography and my darkroom, it eats my money! oh and cherry bakewells (now i need to stop on the way home)

  13. Jen

    11 May

    By far my favourite print in Cassia’s shop is the Big Wheel II –×8-print
    I adore her prints.
    As for my guilty pleasures… listening to ‘Disney’ artists (aka Demi Lovato), eating frosting from the tub, and cheesy movies!

  14. Michelle Anderson

    11 May

    I am a huge fan of Cassia. In Lola’s room I love ( Summer romance. The shoes are to die for. And in Cassia Beck Photography her by the sea collection is outstanding. I really love ( The view. Guilty pleasures buying things to photograph and eating a Paula’s Donut, the best home made donuts in town.

  15. katy

    11 May

    i am really attracted to the lovely fairground photos and the carousel horses but i think my favourite has to be ‘Sweetness’ coincidentally french fancies are my guilty pleasures as well as spending far too much money on ebay vintage, getting lost in beautiful blogs and collecting antique lace, beads and sequins :)


  16. Barbara

    11 May

    how exciting! i’m keeping my fingers crossed :) here’s one of my many favorites :)

  17. Sarah Knight

    11 May

    My guilty pleasure?Man, if I think about this hard enough, there are probably a lot of them. I have an odd fondness for Little Debbies fancy cakes, and lindt pistachio bars, and any cheesecake with any sort of red berries for topping… but who doesn’t have “food” guilty pleasures? So, really, I suppose, ultimately my real guilty pleasure would not only be having watched professional wrestling for 25 years, but also always rooting for the ‘bad guys.’
    : )

    “Run Away With Me” is a lovely print!

  18. Claire D

    11 May

    what a wonderful giveaway!! im lovin this blog :)
    In Good Company 10 x 8 Print is my favourite :) and my guilty pleasure…. Foxs Vienese Biscuits…. those ones with the panda on the advert.. go to the supermarket.. tell em vinnie sent you for the good stuff..

    I felt guilty after eating an entire packet until i went and counted the whole packet and there were only 10 biscuits. I didnt feel SO bad after that…. :p xo

  19. Jade Sheldon

    11 May

    So hard to choose one, but I absolutely love “The Shoe Collection.”

    One of my guilty pleasures is trashy TV: you know, shows featured on Bravo, MTV, and E! So shameful, haha…

    I also tweeted!

  20. Fritzi Marie

    11 May

    What a wonderful giveaway. I have one of Cassia’s prints “Wish Upon A Star” and it makes me happy when I look at it everyday.
    My favorite print today is Sweet Shop. It would look so pretty in my kitchen, next to my formica table.
    OH, my guilty pleasure is Diet Coke and rewinding and rewatching good kissing scenes in movies. My husband is a very patient man.

    Fritzi Marie

  21. Fritzi Marie

    11 May

    I just posted about the giveaway on facebook.

    Make a Wish,
    Fritzi Marie

  22. Laura

    11 May

    Favourite print is Shelter

    My guilty pleasure has to be danish pastries, especially good with a cup of tea sat on the back door step in the Brighton sunshine (sneaking 5 mins peace from the kids)

  23. Rhianne

    13 May

    I adore Cassia and her work – she is so talented and lovely as well :) I could buy everything and still want more.

    My guilty pleasure is sleeping in an extra ten minutes in bed every morning… I know I should get up and I’ll end up being late but I love sleeping too much.

  24. What treasure it would be to have In All It’s Glory print!
    My guilty pleasure ice cream on Sundays. Why do you think they call it Ice Cream Sundaes?

  25. shay huckleberry

    14 May

    I adore Cassia’s photos especially ‘umbrella’ and would love to showcase one in the new house we’re moving into.

    My guilty is The Office, I watch it constantly. Love it.

  26. Aisha

    16 May

    I love Cassia’s work– soo inspirational :) my favourite is ‘summer romance’ (
    Hmm as for my guilty pleasure…i have to say is chocolate desserts….i cant have enough of them :D

  27. Evelyn

    16 May

    Love this photo!

    And my quilty pleasure? I would have to say the candy next to my chair that doesn’t last very long :S

  28. I only came across Cassias work recently and im totally loving it all, the tones, the simplicity and the creativity….as me and my hubbie have been running our photography business since august i think this photo is my favourite! (camera love)

    Guilty pleasure….erm….custard slices!!!! always a winner :D

    tweeted your great website and give away x