May 292010

*escaping on a motorcycle*

*sun-drenched mornings*

*a summer fling *

*running free*

*taking the perfect polaroids*

*macarons from laduree *

{all images via we heart it}

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  4 Responses to “sweet dreams are made of these”


    Love these pics, especially the motorcycle one. Happy weekend!


    I love the pictures you picked out but don’t you think its a bit unfair to not attribute each work of art with its corresponding artist? This is copyright infringement.


      hi ann, i always try to credit the photographer/artist of images i feature on my blog as i believe in giving credit to the rightful owner where due.
      unfortunately, all of these photos are ones i have found on photo-sharing site we heart it, where all the images have been pulled from tumblr sites and google reader feeds which do not link back to the original source. if you click on each of the individual photographs you will be linked to their posting on we heart it.
      believe me, i have tried to find out who should be credited for these images. if you, or anyone else, know who should be credited for these, please let me know and i will make sure they are properly attributed.


    I love the pictures! Especially the polaroid one! :D

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