heavily laden with sugar

heavily laden with sugar

last wednesday evening the faux fashionista came out to play in aid of fashion’s night out. i had been invited along with several of my truly fashionable friends to a blogger’s get together at the my sugarland boutique in angel.

the boutique is run by fashion stylist zoe lem, who has brought together established names and fledgling designers (some exclusive to the store) as well as luxury vintage pieces from the 1920’s to 1970’s, which have been scoured from across the globe.

but whilst my fashionable friends gasped at the beautiful shoes and heavily adorned dresses, i was far more excited by the interior design of the store, and the exquisite accessories that heaved on every surface. in one corner there was a divine glass cabinet filled with vintage teacups and crockery, next to it stood a beautiful blue silk screen with piles of vintage hat boxes and dressmakers accessories in front. in the bridal section there was a wall dedicated to vintage black and white photographs of hollywood starlets and other great beauties of a bygone era. the whole effect was akin to browsing through your (incredibly stylish) grandmother’s dressing room.

named by vogue as one of britain’s best boutiques it is easy to see why all my friends coo over my sugarland – it is a veritable playground for discovering some of the most exquisite clothes, accessories and objects from around the globe, and whilst we were there we were treated like queens – with makeovers and hair styling on offer and champagne cocktails and exquisite chocolate truffles to tempt us. sooo delish!

you can see some fabulous photos from the evenings events here, here and here, and make sure you check out my wonderful friend alex’s much more thorough write up on the boutique here.


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