by the light of the full moon

by the light of the full moon

{michael sullivan, wales}


  1. Heather

    31 October

    These are gorgeous, she is such a talent.

  2. Kerry

    31 October

    Hello. I have just been scrolling through many-a-page of your blog and it is delightful! I hope you’re having a lovely evening.

  3. Kerry

    31 October

    p.s. I love these images too! And I put the wrong web-link..oops! Byeee.

  4. Moocy

    1 November

    These are amazing! I’m in love with that double exposure… so magical.

  5. mister sullivan

    1 November

    Ahh thanks for the feature and nice comments… i’m flattered to be included on a lovely blog.


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