the flip side

just in case you haven’t already begun to tuck into a giant stack of shrove tuesday pancakes, you might like to consider whipping yourself up a batch of one of the above.

these coconut macaroon, poppyseed, and golden butter-kissed pancakes with blueberry maple syrup recipes from heidi swanson of 101 cookbooks all look delicious, and have me reaching for the frying pan again, praying i’ve some maple syrup left!

make sure you head over to heidi’s wonderful recipe blog to check out her other scrumptious sounding recipes. you can also purchase her first book, ‘super natural cooking: five delicious ways to incorporate whole and natural ingredients’ here, or pre-order her new book, ‘super natural every day: well-loved recipes from my natural foods kitchen’ here.

happy pancake day!


  1. Behind the Lashes

    8 March

    They look so sinful. I love pancakes!

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