a lego brick house of dreams

a lego brick house of dreams

can you believe it’s ldf eve already!?!

the invites are stacking up, my schedule is full to bursting and i’m sooo excited for all that the next week is going to bring!

and if that wasn’t enough, i’ve just spotted these fantastic images in my inbox of the world’s first living lego greenhouse designed by sebastian bergne, which has been unveiled in covent garden as part of london design festival 2011.

isn’t it amazing? hard to believe it is made of lego as it looks simply stunning lit up at night like that, like a magic box glowing with the life the the plants inside it, but the walls, the floors, even the earth is made from those little plastic bricks! the plants and vegetables growing inside are entirely real though (i’m not sure where they’re drawing their nutrients from??)

so, if you’re in london this weekend make sure you stop by the piazza and check it out.

amongst, many, many other things!


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