gold rush

1. ocea necklace 2. claris anemone 3. tulu necklace 4. radiant anemone 5. cia earrings 6. tiato anemone 7. duco brooch 8. acito necklace 9. viali bracelet

one of the nicest designers i met during london design festival was sarah angold, a royal college of art graduate who was exhibiting at tent london at the truman brewery.

her exquisite laser cut acrylic pieces reminded me so much of the colourful plastic hexagons i used to play with as a child, constructing weird and wonderful objets d’art (hmm, anyone else remember these? what were they called??)

the acrylic lampshades were particularly beautiful, casting beautiful elongated shadows and refracting ribbons of colourful light to great effect, while the jewellery range was cute, playful and quirky; isn’t the tulu necklace sarah is wearing above simply divine?


  1. Angie

    29 September

    I remember those things! You could slot them together in different colours. Right that is going to annoy me now until I find out what it was called!

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