Nov 212011

1. hand knitted dish cloth, yeomans smock  2. knitted tea cosy, a magpie and dove   3. french press tea cosy, willow on the water   4. knitted vase, the fuzzy monkey   5. multicoloured egg warmers, imali  6. coffee-to-go cup cosy, willow on the water  7. cable knit coasters, red bird ink   8. grey fingerless gloves, elde   9. super chunky knit pouffe, dana’s joy

every winter i promise myself i will learn to knit, and with each year that passes my resolution falls by the wayside.

so instead of making promises i don’t seem able to keep, i’ve been indulging in a spot of hand-knitted ooohing and aaahing on etsy, hoping these beautiful hand-crafted designs will provide the inspiration i need to get started.

who knows, maybe this year will be the year. never say never and all that…

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  4 Responses to “get knitted out”


    Love them all. Want the beanies for my eggs the most. Might have to make them my next project.

    Such a lovely post! Thank you.


    I love your fingerless gloves~It’s warm.Really love your warm post~Lovely and sweet!


    I love the giant chunky knit pouffe. I want one. Tea cosy makes me smile. My nan used to churn them out by the dozen. We couldn’t give them away then. She’d have loved this knitting revival.


    Oh. Love this! So much cuter when things are knitted <3 xxx

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