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summer lovin’

June 3, 2015

#brighternights rekorderlig cider summer 2015 01

something strange has happened in london since june arrived earlier this week. the grey rain clouds have rolled in and a blustering gale seems intend on whipping itself around every corner. but, surely, #brighternights are on their way…

it doesn’t take much more than a flash of blue sky and a bottle of cider to make that sought-after summer feeling a reality in my mind. for their new campaign, rekorderlig are asking you to recall your best summer memories from years gone by, and all my best memories of summers past involve the great outdoors – be it the blustery english coastline, the saturated sunshine of the med, or simply kicking back and relaxing in one of london’s wide open spaces – and, more often than not in recent years, i’ve had a bottle of rekorderlig in my hand!

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arts & culture

let it rain

May 30, 2015

05 may playlist

i started putting together a playlist on spotify to encapsulate the past month in music, and realised it would basically just be this wonderful album on repeat, which i’ve been listening to religiously in preparation for next week’s big concert at the o2!

add this music video on endless loop into the mix (with possibly the best girl-power ensemble cast ever!), and the moody alt-rock debut album from my beloved DD (which i had to have shipped from the states as it’s not been released in the uk yet), and you’ve got my musical month in a nutshell…

which songs/artists have you been rocking out to recently, friends?

design & décor

private number

May 27, 2015

  • Private Desk by Theresa Arns 001
  • Private Desk by Theresa Arns 002
  • Private Desk by Theresa Arns 003
  • Private Desk by Theresa Arns 004
  • Private Desk by Theresa Arns 005

another late night pinterest session led to me stumbling across this beautiful private desk by copenhagen-based design studio theresa arns.

designed as a desk with ample storage space for the items we use in our daily lives, this multifunctional unit can be utilised in different living situations and contexts, from a writing or drawing desk to office-style workspace to dressing table.

made of white oiled ash wood and grey powder coated steel, the central working space has a concealed drawer padded with cork for storing a laptop and a clever little lid with integrated mirror, as well as storage containers for multiple beauty products. there is also a detachable metal tray with three compartments, which can be used for jewellery and accessories.

simply beautiful, don’t you agree?

design & décor

dreamland II

May 25, 2015

  • Summer Bedroom with Soak and Sleep 001
  • Summer Bedroom with Soak and Sleep 002
  • Summer Bedroom with Soak and Sleep 003
  • Summer Bedroom with Soak and Sleep 004
  • Summer Bedroom with Soak and Sleep 005

for me, a summer bedroom update is all about dressing my bed with soft white linen sheets mixed with sunshine yellow colour pops. i was recently gifted the perfect 100% french linen bed set by soak & sleep at their  relax & recharge blogger evening and couldn’t wait to spring clean my room and give my bed a seasonal refresh; there’s nothing quite like freshly laundered linen and a sparkling clean bedroom to promote a good night’s sleep, is there?

which got me thinking – especially given how busy i’ve been recently which has totally thrown out my sleep pattern – of my top tips for a good night’s sleep. thankfully i don’t usually have any trouble heading straight to the land of nod (as my UP band tells me, i’m usually off in dreamland within 10 minutes of my head hitting the pillow!), but every now and then life’s little worries and strives play on my mind and i find it hard to hit the hay.

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design & décor


May 22, 2015

  • MURMUR AW15 Collection Launch 001
  • MURMUR AW15 Collection Launch 002
  • MURMUR AW15 Collection Launch 003

i was very pleasantly surprised to come across murmur recently, a new lifestyle brand being launched this autumn by bed and bath company bedeck. the collection will include a whole array of lifestyle products from tabletop and glassware to bedlinen, towels and fragrance.

i love the catalogue photography which gives the new range an artisanal, handcrafted feel, with a pared-back colour palette focusing on the natural beauty of materials such as sea grass, ash, stone, wool and linen. i also love the subtle geometric patterns coming through in the kitchen textiles and ceramic glaze.

what do you think? it’s a bit of a welcome departure from bedeck’s usual style i must say!

design & décor

bert’s barge

May 20, 2015

  • Bert & May City Barge No.1 by Laura Fulmine 001
  • Bert & May City Barge No.1 by Laura Fulmine 002
  • Bert & May City Barge No.1 by Laura Fulmine 003
  • Bert & May City Barge No.1 by Laura Fulmine 004

one of my highlights of clerkenwell design week so far has been an exciting collaboration between stylist laura fulmine, rat architecture and bert & may spaces. the resulting affordable, design-led ‘alternative living’ space (a barge!) features some of bert & may’s finest flooring, tiles and cladding material and i must say i’d be very happy to move straight in!

the city barge is designed to be a luxury one bedroom floating suite, with a chic matt black exterior and scandinavian-style vintage interior for the perfect blend of sophistication and simplicity. 14.63m long by 3.35m wide the barge provides ample living space and even comes complete with a hidden foldaway double bed for when guests come to stay. once aboard, the interior felt light and airy with plenty of room to move about and inhabit, with the lounge area featuring beautiful pieces of mid-century furniture alongside a quaint little stove, contemporary craft work and lovely geometric woven art pieces from seattle-based artist justine ashbee of native line.

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