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life is too short for bad coffee.

February 8, 2015

  • Pact Coffee Fig Pudding Espresso Blend 001
  • Pact Coffee Fig Pudding Espresso Blend 002
  • Pact Coffee Fig Pudding Espresso Blend 003
  • Pact Coffee Fig Pudding Espresso Blend 004
  • Pact Coffee Fig Pudding Espresso Blend 005

those who know me (or follow me on instagram), know i am something of a coffee fiend. hell, i even have an espresso machine on my desk and a whole board dedicated to caffeine delights on pinterest. so it stands to reason that my idea of the perfect sunday morning would involve lazing around in bed with a pot of fresh steaming coffee by my side. enter pact coffee.

pact ethically source rare coffees from all over the world, paying farmers a minimum of 125% of the standard fairtrade rate for their beans, which are then roasted in pact’s bermondsey hq, before being ground and shipped moments after. the flexible subscription service allows you to set your delivery preferences according to the amount of coffee you drink, and can be paused or canceled at any time. coffee is ground according to your chosen brew method – espresso, drip, aeropress, stovetop or cafetiere – and sealed in special valve bags to keep it fresher for longer. i was sent a few samples to try last week, and was sent into raptures of delight at the heady scent  that hit me when i opened my package – seriously, is there any better scent in the world than freshly ground coffee?

this morning i treated myself to the rich, heavy fig pudding espresso blend, created by combining coffee from two different farms, la joyeria and el retiro. just one of pact’s rare artisan blends, this colombian-mexican infusion has a velvety full body and undertones of hazelnut and citrus, and was a sheer delight to indulge in during a long, lazy morning spent perusing the debut issue of my lovely friend katie’s fiera magazine. it was so enjoyable that i’m already planning my next lazy coffee morning, as i’m excited to try a few cups of the san marcos timaná blend, which promises a milk chocolate softness with light cherry notes.

the lovely folks at pact are offering readers a whopping 70% off your first order, meaning you’ll pay just £1.95 instead of £6.95 for your first pot of coffee heaven. just use the voucher code ‘fablife15′ when signing up. oh, and don’t forget to let me know which is your favourite blend!

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boldly, softly

February 5, 2015

  • Jotun Lady SS15 colour palette 01
  • Jotun Lady SS15 colour palette 03
  • Jotun Lady SS15 colour palette 05

the soft, springlike colour palette of norwegian paint brand jotun lady‘s new collection has been perfectly captured in their latest lookbook, harmonising powder soft feminine hues with gently subdued neutrals for a cool, calming aesthetic that avoid the saccharine sweet overtures of classic sugared almond paint tones.

i’m never usually a ‘pink person’ but i’m totally won over by that bedroom wall & headboard proudly swathed in ‘2024 senses’ – i think that the bold expanse of layered monotone helps neutralise any notion of frilly girly-ness that pink usually conjures up for me. i also love the soft minty green hues used in the kitchen, such a refreshing update from pure white minimalism which is so in vogue just now, and a perfect foil for that chic marble countertop.

design & décor


February 3, 2015

  • Hatherley Grove W1, Domus Nova 01
  • Hatherley Grove W1, Domus Nova 02
  • Hatherley Grove W1, Domus Nova 03
  • Hatherley Grove W1, Domus Nova 04
  • Hatherley Grove W1, Domus Nova 05
  • Hatherley Grove W1, Domus Nova 06
  • Hatherley Grove W1, Domus Nova 07
  • Hatherley Grove W1, Domus Nova 08

how stunning is this little 1 bed london flat i spotted over on domus nova?

refurbished by italian architecture firm archiplan studio, the narrow space has  given dynamic proportions through custom fittings and fixtures, high ceilings and an abundance of natural light. sliding screens in the living area conceal a bespoke kitchen and abundant storage space, while the elevated double bedroom – with an entire wall of wardrobes! – leads through to a spacious and luxurious tiled shower room.

i love the zoning of the space through the use of sliding doors, allowing for a constant flow of daily rituals, the warm character of the built-in oak fixtures and high precise of detail, which all help to give a very japanese feeling of zen to the contemporary property. simply beautiful, don’t you agree?

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empty your head

January 31, 2015

01 january playlist - the space between  say something, a great big world • rootless tree, damian rice • take me to church, hozier • down the line, john newman • still, daughter • fools, lauren aquilina • the blower’s daughter, damian rice • you should know where i’m coming from, banks • home, gabrielle aplin • black flies, ben howard  

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one of my resolutions for 2015 was to expand my musical horizons and discover new artists and genres, so i thought it might be fun to share a new playlist each month featuring some of the songs i’ve been listening to: a mixture of old faves, new ‘discoveries’ (a thousand days too late!) & tracks that are just generally buzzing around my spotify playlists, refusing to be forgotten. if you have any suggestions of artists you think i should discover, let me know on twitter (@fabricofmylife) or in the comments on this post – thanks guys!

lust & covet

growing up is optional.

January 27, 2015

lust & covet birthday

as much as it sucks come mid-year when you’re months away from anyone showering you with gifts or just generally celebrating your all-round fabulousness, i can’t complain too much about having a birthday celebration immediately following what most people call ‘the dreariest month of the year’. so in case anyone was at a loss as to what to get me on sunday, here are a few hints…

this year i’m coveting: 1. darling magazine 2. amara 3. nomess copenhagen 4. phoebe coleman 5. amazon 6. colette 7. john lewis 8. merci

(jokes, obvs – the fact that you’re even reading my blog is present enough for me!) xx

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the humble tortoise

January 26, 2015


  • Tortus Studio Copenhagen at Maison et Objet 2015 Humanmade 001
  • Tortus Studio Copenhagen at Maison et Objet 2015 Humanmade 002
  • Tortus Studio Copenhagen at Maison et Objet 2015 Humanmade 003
  • Tortus Studio Copenhagen at Maison et Objet 2015 Humanmade 004
  • Tortus Studio Copenhagen at Maison et Objet 2015 Humanmade 005

one of my highlights of maison & objet this year was hall 7’s inspirations installations surrounding the word ‘make’. exploring how traditional expertise is restoring value to manufactured goods, the latest luxury can be seen in a return to the essential beauty of craftsmanship and perfecting materials. i was particularly enamoured with the human made curation by elizabeth leriche, featuring a wonderfully immersive insight into the daily-life setting of  copenhagen ceramics studio tortus, headed up by master potter eric landon.

tortus studio celebrate a love of making and a passion for materials, so like the noble creature from which they derive their name, they move at their own humble pace. landon firmly believes that hand-crafting objects of a timeless value is not a look back at the past but a way forward, and his studio are dedicated to the modern adaptation of traditional and time-tested making methods delivering an ever-evolving production of ceramics rich in form, colour and texture. the pastel hued unika collection (the danish term for ‘unique’) explores the depths of possibilities that emerge when hands are allowed to flow freely through material, and celebrates variety through constantly mixing together fresh combinations of shapes, colours and surfaces. the results are simply exquisite, don’t you agree?