munch brunch

munch brunch


all i want when i wake up on a saturday morning is a stack of blueberry pancakes, drenched in maple syrup (with or without the addition of some rashers of bacon), and a tall glass of oj.

so it’s great that london has some of the best american breakfast establishments. i love the lumberjack breakfast from the soho diner, the stacks of buttermilk pancakes with berry compote at broome and delancey on battersea rise, and the american breakfast at the breakfast club in soho.

i also have a soft spot for the french toast with bacon and maple syrup that they serve in the cat and mutton at broadway market. perfect to enjoy whilst browsing the weekend papers, before you head off for a spot of shopping in the market (possibly picking up some violet cupcakes for foursies)


is it obvious yet that i have a sweet tooth?

  1. […] there are so many lovely breakfast possibilities and yet so very little time in which to prepare/enjoy them on any given weekday morning. i’m always reminded of that advert for lurpak, when they try to reclaim saturday as breakfast day. the weekend is really the only time you get to sit and actually enjoy breakfast. and of course, it helps if you go out for brunch at one of these places. […]

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