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my grandmother died two years ago today.

i miss her, and wish she was still her so i could ask her more about her childhood and her life during the war.

her father was in the royal artillery and she grew up moving between military bases in singapore, malta and england. she moved to cairo in 1939 aged 14, and stayed there during the war, where she met and married my grandfather, before returning to england in 1947.

she would have been about sixteen in this photograph. isn’t she beautiful? i love how elegant and refined she looks in all the pictures i have of her, how much grace and poise she seemed to have. i remember that about her, even in her older years she was always so chic and beautifully turned out, with a silk scarf around her neck fastened with a delicate brooch, her glossy nails and just-set hair: she is my personal style icon.

  1. What a lovely and special post. Pretty and interesting blog too.

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