Chocolate Truffle cake Duo

{katie quinn davies}

this week, it’s national chocolate week, the perfect time for me to indulge my sweet tooth, and share with you some of my favourite chocolate finds from the world-wide-web (this is also wholly appropriate as this is my 100th post! i cannot believe how quickly it has come round!):

* i can’t wait to try out the chocolate truffle cake recipe from food photographer katie quinn davies’ what katie ate blog. i’m also excited by steenberg’s luxury chocolate brownies recipe, they sound so yummy!

*vosges haut chocolat do amazing fusion truffles including black pearl (ginger and wasabi flavoured dark chocolate with black sesame seeds), budapest (flavoured with sweet hungarian paprika), viola (topped with a candied violet petal) and absinthe (chinese star anise, fennel and pastis flavoured dark chocolate, dusted with cocoa powder). i love unusual cmbinations in chocolate, especially the juxtapositions between sweet and salty or sweet and spicy.

*this thursday (15th october), you can join paul a. young at his islington chocolaterie, for his sought-after chocolate tasting workshop, where you will discover a wide variety of  fine chocolates, from single origin brands to vintage chocolate and unique, rare connocations (i wish i was in town for this!). he also has a new book, adventures in chocolate, which you can pre-order here.


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