land of the silvery tay

land of the silvery tay




i promised to post a few more of my pictures from dundee, so here you go!

the top two photographs were taken on tentsmuir beach, on a long 10-mile walk along the coast and through the forest. we were on the look-out for grey seals, which we eventually spotted halfway out to sea, far too far away to get any good photographs, which made me a little sad. when i was a little girl i absolutely loved seals (particularly those cute white fluffy harp seal pups) and had a rather extensive collection of soft toy seals!

the bottom image is a view from my beau’s flat overlooking the river tay, which glowed different hues every time i peered out the window. i love the way the landscape is reflected in the silvery water, through the dusky mist.

if you’re really interested, i’ve added a selection of my favourite dundee photos to my flickr photostream, which you can view here.


  1. Your Beau

    25 October

    Not much silveryness at the moment. A rather large dose of grey though.

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