once upon a time, i wandered in paris

once upon a time, i wandered in paris


it’s been a few too many years since i last hopped on the eurostar and journeyed to paris. but this week joanna goddard’s posts over at a cup of jo and experience parisienne have rekindled my yearning to once again wander the cobbled streets of monmartre, sit outside a patisserie in the marais people-watching, or climb to the top of eiffel tower to see the breathtaking views along the seine.

the three things i love most about paris are:

* i absolutely adore french macarons, especially caramel and salted butter ones from ladurée.

* the marais is my favourite parisian quarter. last time i visited paris, we stayed in a tiny hotel just off rue du vieille temple, right next to a boulangerie. every morning at about 4am i would wake up to the smell of freshly baking croissants, the perfect start to any day! all my favourite boutiques, such as zadig et voltaire and jamin puech, cafés and bars, such as la belle hortense (a bookshop/wine bar), are all located in the marais.

* french girls always look so chic and polished, whilst at the same time looking like they have just rolled out of bed. i wish i could perfect this look! (key step: perfecting this adorable messy french bun)

p.s the gorgeous montage images are from boubouteatime, my new favourite blog. it is filled with bouchra’s beautifully handwritten posts and wonderfully crafted collages, that recall my teenage years when i used to love nothing more than cutting pictures out of magazine and making pretty pictures. i wish i still has the time to do that…



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