pearl & ivy

another day spent christmas shopping, and another day of having to restrain myself from buying presents for, well, me. isn’t it always the way? as soon as you have to shop for others, everything looks so appealing!

especially these gorgeous hairbands from pearl & ivy, whose stall i stopped by in spitalfields market and spent ages cooing over everything on the stand. i checked out their website as soon as i got in and i’ve fallen in love with every single  one of their vintage-inspired feathered designs. oh, and how adorable are the little step-by-step instructions for getting ultra-sultry twenties-style flapper hair?


  1. Mr C

    4 December

    Tell Charly she’s having a 20s theme Xmas work do. Perfect. x

  2. Mausumi

    4 December

    These are amazing! Reminds me of!

    I also find gifts for myself all the time while christmas shopping, but since my birthday is coming up in december, I have a way of justifying the presents for myself! ;)

  3. Liz

    5 December

    hello kate ^-^: thanks so much for coming by my blog, hope to hear from you again and again.

    i say why not shop for yourself too, you deserve it after all for putting some good leg work into gathering your presents for your loved ones. these feathered headbands are all so pretty and the instructions for the updo is just as sweet…love it.

  4. Kelsey Genna

    5 December

    these are so so beautiful! i am going to go look at the website now! you ar good.. i have yet to buy any presents! Kelsey xxx

  5. L.P

    6 December

    I love your blog! Very beautiful, big hugs.

  6. WelcomeHome

    6 December

    The headbands I think are the must buy for 2009… GORGEOUS!

  7. Amy

    7 December

    These are lovely. They would be perfect for the holiday party I’m going to this Sunday.

  8. Tiel

    17 December

    love this blog. so glad I found it.

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