winter warmers

1. oversized beehive beret in oatmeal, pixiebell 2. teal blue green chunky hat, ile aiye 3. speckled oatmeal and dusky blue bohemian slouch hat, moshi moshi designs 4. waffle cone slouch hat in chartreuse green, yes jess

one of my new year resolutions for 2009 was to learn to knit, a resolution which has kind of gone unresolved throughout the year, leaving me in desparate need of other’s talents to keep warm as the winter starts to bite.

i wish i had paid more attention when my grandmother had tried to teach me when i was younger, or had kept attending the stitch and bitch london meetings i went to earlier this year when i was far more committed to achieving my goals.

but instead, i shall have to rely on the lovely talented folk on etsy to keep my little ears protected from the cold, and hope that 2010 is the year i finally pick up my needles and submit to the knit!


  1. Alex

    10 December

    Do it! I love knitting – but unless it’s something very simple I can’t concentrate if I’m chatting with others, or watching the telly… Stitch and Bitch would result in my knitting being full of holes!

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