i have serious wanderlust at the moment. i’ve just been to see an education, and the scene where david whisks jenny off to paris had my feet severely itching! something about a new year always makes me desparate to make travel plans.

where are you longing to jet off to?


  1. Josh

    9 January

    Mali. Chile. Svarlbaard.

    My feet exist in a state of constant itch.

  2. Jentastic

    9 January

    Everywhere! It’s a round-the-world tour or nothing, for me.

  3. Eric Hegwer

    9 January

    After spending some time in Paris (and other parts of Italy & Spain) yearly for the last 8 years, I’ve a longing to see the national parks in style.

  4. jane

    10 January

    Hmm, for some reason I’m quite keen on the idea of New York, today.
    I just saw An Education too – and absolutely and unreservedly loved it. Hope you did too! So, actually, maybe I’ll stop off in Paris en route to New York….

    • kate

      10 January

      oh i did!
      and new york stole my heart a long time ago. i spent five wonderful days there a few years back, cramming in all the touristy things you can possibly do! i really want to go back and spend a bit more time, just soaking it all up.

      • greenapril

        10 January

        Kate, email me if you come to New York! Maybe we can meet for coffee. :)

        I’ve been reading your blog and completely love it! It’s become a daily read.

        *Erika (fellow unraveller)

      • kate

        10 January

        oh erika, that would be lovely :)

        in my dream world i would like to rent an apartment and stay for a month (or three!) and just soak up the atmosphere. that would be just amazing!

      • greenapril

        11 January

        Next time you’re here, let me know! The offer is open… :)

  5. Elie's Papel

    10 January

    Closer to me would be NY but at the moment is just too cold, maybe in a couple of months. Across the big blue ocean I’d love to go to Italy… anywhere in Italy :)

  6. newmarksblog

    14 January

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