{you inspire me} twig hutchinson

{you inspire me} twig hutchinson

with a name as unusual as twig, you would expect stylist twig hutchinson’s work to be just as intriguing. i have long been an admirer of her work, and am drawn to twig’s dreamy, saturated colour palette, infused with bolts of colour-popping yellow and blue, as well as her beautifully constructed still-lifes.

she does a lot of the styling for my favourite mail-order company toast, and i love the way she has layered up their tartan cashmere blankets and ticking stripe bedlinen to create a ‘toasty’ effect; don’t you just want to crawl into that bed and snuggle down with that hot water bottle?


  1. Leslie

    19 January

    I love her work too. You have a really gorgeous collection of images on your blog!

  2. Lana

    19 January

    Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog, so glad you did since now I’ve discovered yours (all thanks to BYW!). Your blog is really great, love your choice of images especially these styled by Twig Hutchinson, so pretty!

  3. Agatha

    19 January

    Twig Hitchinson’s work is indeed wonderful! I love it too, now.

    Thank you ever so much for sharing your inspiration with us,

    Agatha x

  4. jane

    19 January

    twig’s work is so lovely. the faded blue bathroom wall is beautiful, and the wool socks and toast couldn’t be any cozier. you have a beautiful blog:)

  5. Amy - No.15

    20 January

    She definitely is a great inspiration. I have seen some of her work before (especially liked that great bathroom photo in the top right) but I somehow totally missed she did a lot of the Toast styling.

  6. Jutta

    21 January

    Love all these images, thanks for sharing. I think next I will head over to Twig Hutchinson’s portfolio.

  7. cravenmaven

    28 January

    What great styling! I love Toast..and that yellow dress in the bathroom is to die-for. I wish I knew where it was from!

  8. Heather

    24 May

    Oh my word… Thank you so much for bringing Twig Hutchinson’s work into my life. She is really something.

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