a lesson on how to beat the blues

a lesson on how to beat the blues

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i’m sorry for the old ‘oh-woe-me’ post yesterday, and thank you all for your sweet comments and the wonderful book recommendations, they really helped!

in an attempt to work through the midweek blues i sat down last night and thought about all the things i could do to pull me out of the dip, and in the process hit upon a great post idea!

so here you have it, kate’s eight great ideas for beating the mid-week blues:

1. indulge yourself with a cocktail

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i always feel a bit guilty at the end of a long hard day if i’m desparate for a wee tipple, but you know what? if a little drink  is going to make me happy, then let it! and you should make it even more of a treat by serving your favourite cocktail in it’s rightful vessel, be it a martini glass, a champagne saucer or a chic crystal high-ball, and make sure you add the colourful swizzle stick as well!

then recline on your sofa and sip langouriously. i guarantee it’ll put a smile back on your face!

2. lose yourself in a good book

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there is nothing like immersing yourself in the fantasy world of a good book. all your everyday troubles and concerns melt away as soon as you find yourself connecting with the characters and environments described on the pages, and you become absorbed in a narrative far removed from your own.

i love to read whilst on the train to and from work, because it completely blots out the noise and chaos of the other commuters around me and i can arrive at work or back at home completely stress-free (in theory, of course this doesn’t always work!).

3. run yourself a long, hot bath

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and soak for a long as necessary. place scented tealights around the bath, add lots of foamy bubble bath in your favourite fragrance, lie back and relax. some people like to play soft and gentle music but personally i prefer the sound of silence.

if you find it hard to just lie there alone with your thoughts, maybe take your favourite book in with you and escape into the fantasy land for a while. and for the ultimate bath-time indulgence, maybe take in a little box of champagne truffles to nibble on…

4. refresh your inspirations board

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nothing makes me happier than spending a few hours with my old magazines, rifling through them looking for new photographs to rip out and add to my inspirations board above my desk.

there is something very cathartic about taking out the most beautiful images from a magazine (which can then be recycled, thus reducing the clutter by my desk) and adding it to my ‘art gallery’ of favourite images. that mood board is one i look up at everyday as i sit typing at my desk and has really helped me to define who i am, and what ‘my style’ is.

5. bake a cake!

{nikole herriot}

who doesn’t love cake?

but cake is even better when you’ve made it yourself! the smell of fresh baking is an instant mood-lifter and there is nothing more rewarding than tucking into a big, crumbly slice of something you have made from scratch.

my favourites are simple vanilla cupcakes made using a recipe from the magnolia bakery cookbook, and piling them high with pink vanilla-y buttercream. with pink sprinkles on top, naturally!

6. take a trip down memory lane

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and look through your old photographs capturing happy times from the past. i recently did this as part of the unravelling course i’m doing at the moment and it was so much fun to see a younger version of myself smiling into the camera lens. it brought all the sense of fun and enjoyment captured in those photos flooding back.

maybe you could sort through your old photographs and arrange them in an album?

or maybe you need to go through the digital images on your computer and choose your favourites to print out and frame?

in this highly digitalised age we often forget the value of having physical photographs which we can hold in our hands or have framed by our bedsides or hanging on the wall.

7. watch your favourite television episodes on dvd

{danske and january jones in mad men}

tv on dvd is the most amazing thing ever to my mind! i always get so frustrated waiting weeks between episodes (and yes, i mean weeks). we haven’t had a new gossip girl episode in the uk since before christmas, itv have inexplicably decided to stop showing it with no word of warning or explanation.

so, it is an absolute godsend to be able to buy complete seasons of my favourite shows on dvd and watch them at my own (rather fast) pace. at the moment i’m totally addicted to house and mad men, but i am also a massive x files fan, and i love shows like 24 and lost. being able to loose myself for an hour or two in the world of a television show allows me to switch off from the stress and troubles of my day and gets me laughing and feeling like my old self in no time at all.

8. and if all else fails, have some chocolate!

{sacred lotus and charbonnel et walker}

the perfect cure for all troubles, non?

  1. Sara

    11 February

    GREAT ideas :)
    Thank you, glad your feeling better

  2. Gosia

    11 February

    Well done – What a lovely post! I love the images you chose to illustrate it. My absolute hit for killing a blues is a book IN a bath tube. I love it!!! The chocolate point is not too be neglected, either.

  3. Lynne

    11 February

    I’ve just treated myself to hot chocolate with marshmallows! Yum. Combined with a bit of light blog reading I’m really quite happy.

  4. Liza

    11 February

    Looooove all these ideas. Baking always works for me, plus at the end you get to eat something delicious . . . totally agree about inspiration boards and having photos in your hands, physically holding something or cutting it out and tacking it up on a board makes it feel more real sometimes than doing everything on a computer. Great post :)

  5. kendalee

    11 February

    Oui! Excellent ideas all and I have tried and tested several – a hot bath, some chocolate and a good book never ever fail me! I did not see your post from yesterday but I hope that some or all of these have worked their magic and that the arrival of the weekend soon has banished your blues.

  6. graceandivy

    11 February

    This is the perfect guide to life your spirits. I love it. Thank you for this. :) Glad to hear you pulled yourself out of your gloom. :)

  7. Bea

    11 February

    Lovely girl, I am so glad your spirits have lifted. I’ve been contemplating an inspiration board for a while now (I’ve never made one before!) but this week, after all that Unravelling, I think it’s time. You’ve inspired me to jump in and start collecting little slices of beauty!

    You’re fab in every way x x

  8. designmuse

    12 February

    beautifulo blog, beautiful post, thank you for the link! cheers design muse sue

  9. ChicGeek

    12 February

    Great list! Of course I say that after I just finished a twix bar (bad day) and browsing the BYW homework list. I will keep these other ones in mind because I don’t always need the chocolate!

  10. Franca

    12 February

    Super ideas and you can do them a together on one day too!
    Have a great weekend, Franca

  11. frauheuberg

    12 February

    oh,i love this post…so real life…thanks so much for sharing…a wonderful idea…i believe we all know this situation…and so now i have some positive ideas to go through this “gray”…if it comes to visit me…;)…thanks for sharing…cheers ines

  12. julie

    14 February

    hi kate,

    love the post – the bath, the baking, the chocolate I know…ok, count in that cocktail of course too ;-) but I´ve just made a mental note of the inspiration board and trip down memory lane. And of the series Mad Men which hasn´t run in Germany as far as I know.
    Thanks for the tips ( and those are lovely images you chose by the way) take care, julie

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  14. That TV feels like the kind used in the music video of Blur’s The Universal directed by Jonathan Glazer. What an artsy useful post.

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