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i’ve written about fashion on my blog before, but only when beautiful, dreamy fashion shoots have caught my attention and demanded to be shared. so i’m sorry for the slight departure in blogging topic for the next few days, but when i’ve been lucky enough to blag tickets to london fashion week shows, it seems rude not to share my thoughts on them with you all!

i’d like to point out upfront that i am in no way a fashionista or an expert on fashion. i know what i like, and i like to dress up and have fun with clothes, but i could never claim to be writing authoritativly on the subject, nor do i even want to. these are simply my thoughts on the london fashion shows i have seen and my own photographs of the catwalk; my own unique perspective.

caroline charles

ok, so my first-ever london fashion week show was actually a bit of a let-down.

“at caroline charles. my grandmother would love this show,” tweeted my fashionable companion. actually, my grandmother was far too chic and glamorous to have ever worn a caroline charles design, but the point stands.

i was actually really upset at the show when i couldn’t get my camera to snap a decent in-focus shot of the runway models (couldn’t figure out the damn camera settings at all today!), but now that i see my photos on the screen, i think they look far better than photographs of the actual clothes would have done!

maria grachvogel

my favourite show of the day, and my kind of simple, understated fashion. i adored the emerald greens and canary yellows, and the drape of the silk dresses, which was exquisite. maria’s understanding of a woman’s form and shape is unique, and the cut of her clothes incredibly skilful, keeping the lines clean, and the silhouette sculpted. that emerald silk dress, reminiscent of the dress worn by keira knightly in atonement, is beautiiiful!

andrew majtenyi

the madly crimped hair, styled by leigh keates of the michael van clarke salon, was the best bit of andrew majtenyi’s show in my opinion. i do love these slightly blown-out catwalk photos i’ve shot though. the studio light was pointed right at me during the show and burnt my retinas whenever i looked at the catwalk, but at least the photographs benefited from it!

vauxhall fashion scout

askh, david longshaw, eudon choi, florencia kozuch: the ones to watch, apparently.

i cannot say i saw anything worthy of a stand-alone mention or longer blog-post, although florenzia kozuch’s flamboyant textile designs certainly were bold and theatrical. again, i’m just kinda happy with the blurry, dream-like quality of the photos i’ve taken. hardly anything a fashion photographic journaliste would be proud of, but i like their artistic nature.

gemma slack

i loved gemma slack’s gothic, menacing silhouettes, which are built up from varying shades of black and dense textual fabrics, and adorned with vibrant gold embellishments. her installations were dark and mysterious, lit from below to create deliciously dark shadows on the wall, and forcing you to approach the designs close-up, to truly appreciate their simple yet structured forms. i really, really liked these designs!

if you would like some more ‘in-the-know’ reviews from london fashion week, please visit my wonderful friend alex’s site, alex loves, which is full of wonderful fashiony-good-ness!

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  1. That emerald green Maria Grachvogel piece is the most lovely dress I have laid eyes on in a very, very long time. If I didn’t already have a wedding dress lined up, this would be The One. LOVE.

    And your fashionista musings are a bit wonderful, Kate. Fabulous photography!

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