tuesday's child is full of grace

i’ve always been a fan of orla kiely so it should come as no surprise that one of my favourite shows today was an exhibition of her autumn/winter 2010 collection. the setting was spectacular, with orla’s trademark wallpapers, gorgeous fifties teak furniture, eames-inspired chairs and the cutest wooden box television set i’ve ever seen!

the models were beautiful too, graceful and poised, moving around the set and adopting new poses to show off their outfits to the greatest effect. i could happily have sat and watched them for hours…


  1. Valerie

    20 February

    I’m not in a fall-winter mood right now, but catch me in 6 months and I’d by dying to try some of these on! They’re so retro-ish. I like.

  2. Chaucee

    20 February

    I am in AWE of how gorgeous that yellow dress is with the bow. LOVE it.

  3. Kate

    20 February

    Wow this is super smashing. I love every outfit esp the coat, the bag, the shoes, the dress, the cardi, the other dress oh such a long time to wait……….

  4. sarah

    21 February

    Love this! Isn’t the wallpaper wonderful, too?

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