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so, day two at london fashion week.

seriously, i don’t know how fashion peeps do this, all the running between shows, no time to eat let alone type up reports of shows for any immediate consumption. i can see why twittering at fashion week had really taken off, allowing you to distil your thoughts on runway shows into easy-to-digest 140-character titbits, with the addition of a grainy twit-pic uploads to illustrate your point.

talking of grainy pics, i’d like to point out yet again that the photographs included in this post are my own, taken from 2/3+ rows back from the catwalk and are naturally grainy, wonky-angled, highly-saturated… put it this way, i’m not going to be winning any fashion photographer of the year awards any time soon.

maria francesca pepe

the first presentation of the day, and my first celeb-spot of any note: the wonderful susie lau of style bubble fame, who looked as fantastic as ever in her own fabulously-kooky way. pink floral trousers with a pretty whimsical pink dress overlaid, a nautically striped tee and shaggy blue stripy cardigan to top it off. absolutely bonkers, but i loved it (susie, you always rock my world with your cute outfits!)

back to the presentation. there was a half-hearted attempt at creating gothic wonderland using black cardboard cut-out trees, but the effect fell flat really. but the clothing had a nice enough edge to it, nothing to write home about really but no major duds either.

kinder aggugini

i had never heard of kinder aggugini before (gosh, can you tell i’m truly a fashion nobody!?) but i was pleasantly surprised by the show after hearing a few negative reports beforehand. i particularly liked the softly sculpted knitwear and the military inspired tailoring.

bernard chandran

i loved this show, and so did the fashion pack judging by the rapturous applause which greeted the show’s finale. the models were sent down the runway with their faces painted white and orange, with shocking lime green, canary yellow and electric blue lips. i adored the feather plumes on the arms of one of the finale pieces, which created the effect of a peacock proudly displaying it’s extravagant tail. the sculptural details and textures on the dresses were also exquisite, as was the heavy gold beading on the dresses, and massively oversized clutch bags. an all-round winner and probably my favourite show of the day.

iris van herpen

can you feel sound, smell motion and hear colour? iris van herpen thinks so, and her a/w 2010 show was inspired by these cross-sensational phenomenons.

certainly the music was electric, the strobe-lighting effects distorting and the fashion an eclectic mix of three-dimensional body armour and fragile, web-like knots. this truly was fashion for all the senses.


i was really keen to see the sykes presentation, and it didn’t disappoint, delivering my kind of simple, chic tailoring in luxe fabrics and beautifully-cut silhouettes. i really loved the soft camel and grey tailored coats, and the softly draped silk tees.


i was understandably super-excited about managing to get hold of a ticket for the ppq show, and equally delighted to be sitting a few rows behind their number one fan, peaches geldolf.

the show delivered ppq’s trademark cult designs, with a heavy hand of black velvet and heavy vintage brocades. i was slightly disappointed the show lacked any kind of real show-stopping spectacle, as their previous shows have done, and as this season’s title of “fantasia” would have suggested. still, the show delivered very-wearable fashion that will no doubt fly-off of the shelf, and was generally very well received it seemed.

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  1. I don’t think you’re a faux fashionista at all! And these photos are stunning! I also really enjoyed your Tweets on LFW, which made me think ‘actually fashion ain’t that bad after all’. ;-)

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