the seductive lady grey

the seductive lady grey

{via the fashion time}

these photographs from vogue italia‘s ‘lady grey’ editorial in the march 2010 issue, shot by the enigmatic tim walker, are just too delectable not to share here.

i’m constantly amazed by walker’s breathtaking phtography and the beauty he captures in the location, the models and the clothes they wear. i could loose hours gazing at his photographs…


  1. Jenny

    12 March

    Funnily enough, there’s an exhibition of paintings by Delaroche showing The Execution of Lady Jane Grey on at the moment!

    Which is what I immediately thought of when I saw this blog post.

    You can see the details of the exhibition here.

  2. Love your blog!

    Very creative :)


  3. ena

    13 March

    oh loving the grey lady

  4. sexy and decadent… love it!

  5. Mabs

    11 April

    Extremely sensuous, the tones are just smeared with a certain sense of luxury.

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