feeling smug?

i visited the most wonderful little lifestyle boutique on camden passage today. it’s called smug, and boy, did i leave the store feeling smug that i had stumbled upon this little gem!

i didn’t leave empty handed either, and rushed home to photograph my purchase so i could share it with you guys. it’s a 1950s wyncraft glass olive bowl set on a teak base. isn’t it adorable? i just knew i had to snap it up the minute i saw it!

here are my some of favourite picks from the i feel smug website, please make sure you pay it a little visit, as there are so many delights over there it was hard to pick just a few to share:

1. blah blah cushion 2. recycled rulers 3. grey fox scarf 4. is that plastic? butter dish 5. pea seeds 6. mustard flower hankie washbag 7. old blue superstripe tea towel 8. au corf notebook 9. 1970s lime flower fabric cushion

p.s. i confess, i also bought the cute notebook with the deer on it. how could i resist?


  1. Bea

    13 March

    You should be feeling very smug indeed about your new find. It is utterly swoon-worthy!

    And that gorgeous notebook is also available at one of my favourite local shops over here. I had to restrain myself from buying that very same one a few weeks ago!

    Sas, you cheeky duck — you just had to mention the A-word, didn’t you?

  2. sas

    13 March

    this post reminded me of wallace and gromit and the case of the ware-rabbit – in their little kitchen they have a (coveted by some) ‘smeg’ fridge. except its called ‘smug’.

    ps: the notebook is also available in anthropologie :)

  3. Marthe

    13 March

    I have the same notebook!
    I couldn’t resist it either..

  4. Heather

    14 March

    Oh my, those table lamps are lovely – the yellow one and I have already started ‘dating’… Right, that’s on my list of places to visit (seeing as it’s 10 min walk from here). How refreshing to find a local blogger! I’ve had to come to terms with reading about all the fab finds in Vancouver, Sydney, New York and Hannover…

  5. Alex

    14 March

    I absolutely adore this shop! They somehow made it fit perfectly between all the antiques of Camden Passage!



  6. virginia

    22 March

    what a sweet shop, definitely worth a trip north of the river for me

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