sketchbooks and paper eaters

sketchbooks and paper eaters

i spent the day in town with my wonderful friend alex, visiting the new sketchbook pop-up store, the liberty of london for target pop-up shop, and the new paper-eaters installation by artists-in-residence the girls at the ultralounge in selfridges.

we got to sketchbook in time for a presentation by maria francesca pepe about how she started her successful fashion brand, and the best ways to get your label known and appreciated in the fashion world, which i found very interesting. it is always fascinating to find out how people have developed their skills and contacts to create their ‘lucky break’ into such a competitive industry. you may remember that i featured pepe’s aw10 collection in my round-up from london fashion week here.

the rest of the shop was wonderfully inspiring, with the newly white-washed walls providing a backdrop for beautiful hand-drawn artwork from past issues of the magazine, showcasing the innovative style and design of sketchbook – a quarterly publication that presents emerging creative talents in fashion, design and culture with a focus on unique photography and illustration. i particularly loved the illustrations of tavi gevinson by serene khan, bryony lloyd’s portraits of ‘5 colourful women in fashion’, and artwork of lula‘s becky smith by danya todd.

i have no photographs of the target collection at liberty’s as it was insanely packed (mainly with tourists, arghhhh) but you’ve no doubt seen the collection online by now, so you know what to expect. alex and i then made our way up to selfridges, taking the back-route to avoid oxford street, which was heaving with easter holiday-makers.

there we stumbled upon the newly launched paper eaters installation…

the installation is the work of the girls, andrea blood and zoe sinclair, who are fine art photographers and performance artists. it focuses upon the lost art of the photo-story genre, and from what i can make out, they plan to produce three ‘live’ issues of paper eaters during their month-long stay at the ultralounge, creating a photo-filled publication series that will be shot in and around selfridges, aided by you, the willing customer.

the installation was pretty quiet when we passed through, with a few young children working on coloured pencil drawings and a couple of staff members sitting behind desks engrossed in their work, and no-one approached us to offer any further information about the project. it does seem pretty intriguing though, and it will be interesting to see what is produced; the first issue will be on sale next wednesday, 7th april.


  1. emelie

    2 April

    See, it’s the possibilities of days like the one you describe in this post that make me wish I never left London…

    Lovely blog!


  2. Anna

    2 April

    That paper eaters installation looks really awesome. I love the rack of paper doll clothes!

  3. Wowo i love these pictures!
    So bright and colourful :)

  4. bakkanekko

    7 April

    So cool! xD I want room like that, and I like the paper dress xD

  5. great and fun instalation!!
    It look’s like a circus!


  6. Bryony

    10 April

    I haven’t been credited, but I did the ‘Colourful Women in Fashion’ spread. Didn’t know these were even going up!

    • kate

      11 April

      thanks for letting me know Bryony, I have updated my text and posted a link to your portfolio. I love your portraits!

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