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now i am one

my, my, how time flies.

i cannot believe that it was a whole year ago that i sat down and started to write about the fabric of my life, and compile all of my inspirations and favourite images in one place (you can see that very first post here!). i had started a couple of blogs prior to this one, which all fizzled out after less than a few weeks, so it is unbelievable to me that i have stuck at it, and made the fabric of my life into such a central part of my life.

blogging has become so much more than a little hobby to me, and i truly love and cherish every moment that i devote to this site. it has become a visual diary of my life, allowed me to become part of the most incredible online community and opened doors for me that i never thought possible. i have said thank you to you all before, but really, i cannot say it enough, because every one of you who stops by my little corner of cyberspace touches my heart, and your consistent words of encouragement, support and kindness mean the world to me.

to celebrate my blog’s first year, my bestie and i had a little tea party a few weeks ago, whilst we were shooting some of her new wedding cake designs for restoration cake. charlotte created the most amazing coffee-cup cake for me (made with uber-delicious coffee flavoured cake) and iced to look like the teacup full of buttons in my blog header. isn’t it just amazing? i was completely blown away when i saw it, and it took her a long time to persuade me to actually cut the cake and eat it; it looked far too spectacular to actually eat!

so, in celebration of you – my dear reader – i have decided that the month of may shall be a month of celebration, with a wonderful giveaway each week hosted by some of my very favourite photographers and etsy crafters.

do make sure you pop back here on monday when i will reveal the first giveaway… it’s a goodie!

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  1. did your friend really make that cake for you? it’s soooo pretty! i would find it hard to eat it too!

  2. Congrats, you’re a toddler now! May there be many many more Fabric Of My Life years!

    That cake really looks too beautiful to eat…

    Alex xxx

  3. I found your blog through your photostream on flickr, and I love both! Congratulations on your year, you should be pround! Your story is so inspiring, and I’m happy to hear you stuck with it even after a few fizzled attempts. I attempted my own little blog but, sadly, it fizzled too. I haven’t worked up the “courage” to start up again, but hopefully one of these days I can join you in blogland. Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

  4. Congratulations!!! Now, at 1 you must behave and don’t you dare (!!) abandoning the fabric of you life that has also become the fabric of many other’s life, including mine (gosh, it seems a bit confusing!).
    Anyway, congratulations and let me tell you that the cake looks so nice it doesn’t even looks like a cake!! Only when you see it being cut!

  5. The cake is flippin AMAZING!! i LOVE it, its soooo alice in wonderland! very cool!

    congrats on your year, ive been following for about a month and i look forward to ur posts, keep up the good work xx


  6. Congratulations my dear! The cake is brilliant – and your dress is gorgeous…


  7. Happy 1st birthday to your blog congratulations. Love that cake, its amazing and such a pretty tea party.

  8. Wow, I thought that was a teacup full of buttons and then I saw yummy chocolate filling and my mind, it was blown!

    Happy bloggiversary, Kate!

  9. Happy Birthday, gorgeous!

    Thank you for making me smile every day with beautiful things, inspiration and distraction from the hum-drum.

    Keep up the good work and I predict good things and lots more cake in your future.

    Big love,


  10. Congrats! I’m an avid follower of your beautiful blog and even more inspiring posts and I look forward to more goodness. Keep up the wonderful work!

    p.s. Loooooove the cake and your dress. Truly dreamy.

  11. Happy birthday! Here’s to many more years of bloggin loveliness to come!

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  13. hello Kate, I am Marga from Chocolate Creative blog, I met u very briefly at Grand designs, Shame we didn’t get to talk more as I was busy talking to my friend Xiang who was exhibiting there. Lizzie who you met at mydeco.com mentioned about u and your lovely blog to me. I loved your gallery room at the vent, we will be posting about it in our blog very soon. Keep up with the good work!! I am so glad to see more and more Uk based great blogs!!

  14. Congratulations on your year in blogland : )))

    You know I LOVE your blog, it’s great… varied…. and always SO inspiring.

    The cake is beautiful xxxxxx

  15. Oh honey, a belated Happy Birthday to your baby blog! I’m so glad to have found it — but more importantly, YOU. Enjoy the festivities of the week to come. Love you to bits. You are inspiring and awesome in every way x x

  16. congrats!! happy blog birthday. Love coming here. I always leave inspired!! thanks..ps: love the birthday picnic, the cake is so super cute.