playin’ with the mermaids and the birds

playin’ with the mermaids and the birds

i cannot believe we have come to the last week in may, and the final giveaway in my month of celebrating my blog’s first birthday. it has been a strange old month, not what i had planned in my mind at all, and to be honest i am thankful we are nearing the end.

however, the month cannot come to a close without me offering you guys the chance to win a beautiful cushion from the lovely virginia armstrong of roddy & ginger, a fantastic south-london based company which offers cheerful products designed to bring a ray of retro inspiration to you and your home. virginia is a fellow car boot sale addict, and you may remember i featured some gorgeous photographs from virginia’s home last year (which i am so in loooove with!), so it is pretty exciting for me that virginia has agreed to host the final ‘now i am one’ giveaway.

virginia is offering you the chance to win one of the mermaid or happy birds cushion designs shown above. happy birds is available in teal/turquoise or olive/grey, and a choice of natural or white linen is available for both the happy birds and the mermaid designs. you can view them all (plus many more wonderful designs) at the roddy & ginger etsy store.

all you have to do to win is leave your answer to the following question in the comments section below and state your cushion cover preference, and the winner will be announced next monday 31st may:

make sure you also head over to virginia’s blog, where you can read all about her exploits with roddy & ginger and her tales from out and about in london town.

{stay tuned for the announcement of last week’s mocking bird giveaway, which will be made very soon…}


  1. Jo-ann

    24 May

    My favourite vintage find is this Roberts radio ( It’s still in perfect working order and was just £6 from a car boot sale! I’m totally smitten with it and it looks great on top of my 1970s bar – another great vintage find from a charity shop – and next to my retro ice bucket.

  2. Jo-ann

    24 May

    Oh, and I would love the bird cushion… :-)

  3. Keri-Anne

    24 May

    My favourite vintage find is my old leather school satchel. i have put a little mermaid picture in the name slot and i take it everywhere with me. i too am a complete car boot sale addict!
    my favourite cushion is the mermaid cushion. my goodness! how amazing that would look in my house. oooo!

  4. Martine

    24 May

    My favourite vintage find was a Lloyd loom chair that was in need of some tlc but is now looking fab. Although it would look even more fabulous with a roddy and ginger happy birds cushion!

  5. Katrina

    24 May

    My grandpa and I were digging through a box of stuff that was his way back when. We found an old wooden architectural scale used for drafting. He gave it to me, as it’s perfect to use in landscape architecture school!

  6. Elizabeth Barnett

    24 May

    My favorite vintage find was an old old Austrian-made Puch ladies bicycle. I found it in hard rubbish and rescued it from potentially being dumped at the tip. It is a purple-brown colour with gold writing, a dynamo and I have added a lovely old basket to the back. I cycle it everywhere and think how lucky I am.

    I love Roddy and Ginger a lot, in particular the bird cushion. x

  7. Lou Archell

    24 May

    My favourite vintage find (that I can remember) is one I found in a skip recently. A small glass from the 1940’s with a little winged pixie playing a flute, sitting on top a toadstall. I was actually looking at the vintage suitcase which had been thrown out, and inside one of them were these glasses wrapped up in newspaper, which dated 15th Nov 1952!

    Such a great find, plus I saved them from the landfill.

    If I was to win I would love the bird cushion… I love Roddy & Ginger and am secretly envious of Virginia’s gorgeous home!

  8. a swanky gold cigarette jar/holder – so very mad men

  9. Mithi

    24 May

    Oh! I have SOOOO many that are my favourite … My latest is on its way in the post to me (a galt toys puzzle board of lots of types of transport). But I guess my all time favourite is this Washington Pottery tea/coffee set (still on the look out for the pot!).

    It was the first vintagey type thing I actually bought (£4.99 at a charity shop) and I’ve been collecting random bits and bobs ever since.

    I’n the look out for an Ercol Studio Couch (like in Virginia’s photo). Getting a teal/turquise birdy cushion would really help it along I think ;)

  10. Katie

    24 May

    I found the most amazing 60’s style halter neck dress in a truly special bright green check with embroidered daisies.. But it’s not my size.

    I refuse to give it up, but haven’t got round to having someone who knows what they’re doing fit it for me! (It would break my heart if I tried myself and messed it up)

    I love the olive birds cushion, sorry that your birthday month is over, but hope the next is more fun for you.

  11. I have so many vintage finds that it is super tricky to choose one, but the best used one is a Lloyd Loom laundry basket that I have in my workroom which doubles as a stool to sit on while I work, and also stores sketchbooks.
    I love Roddy and Gingers designs and choose the happy birds design in olive/grey, it would go perfectly on our sofa.

  12. Anne

    25 May

    Several years ago I found a dusty orange-ish acrylic thingie at a junk shop in Kennington. I took it home, took it apart, washed it carefully, reassembled it, and discovered that underneath all that dust was a gorgeous, textured, peach-colored light fixture from about 1960. I hung it in our dim little hallway over the then-bare lightbulb and it has ever since brought our little flat’s entryway to life. I love it so much that I even bought a mirror of about the same vintage and hung it opposite the fixture, so I can see it both when I’m leaving and when I’m coming home.

    If I win, I’d love the beautiful bird pillow.

  13. my favourite vintage find is a set of big old heavy skeleton keys on a brass ring. they have a very mysterious presence, and i wonder what they used to lock out or in…

    love those happy birds!

    leonie xo

  14. Melinda Wells

    26 May

    Helping my grandma clean out her attic uncovered a beautiful vintage deep green colored typewriter with the ribbon still intact. I love it! Works beautifully and looks incredible. Here’s to crossing my fingers for the lovely happy birds!

  15. fanja

    27 May

    hello, thank you for the opportunity, i’d love a bird natural linen cushion.
    i’ve got a lot of favourite finds, maybe i’ll choose one of my latest, a cone black and white rattan chair from the 60s, a classic!

  16. Tonya

    28 May

    Its hard to choose a favourite, I think mine would have to be my vintage mirrors. One was given to me by my mother in law, the others have been found in charity shops. I always wonder about the homes they came from and who looked into them. This little one is my favourite (I would love the bird cushion in olive and grey on natural linen if I was lucky enough to win x)

  17. Rosie

    28 May

    Favourite vintage find? It would have to be my set of crochet hooks…50c! Now I can crochet to my hearts content!

    I’ve been a fan of Virginia’s work for some time. I love it all, but thus time around I’d love the birds in olive/grey on natural.

  18. Deleilan

    28 May

    I’ve been admiring those bird cushions for such a long time… Here’s my chance to win one!
    My favourite vintage find is my bed. I found it in the basement of an antique store, behind some miscellaneous pieces waiting for restoration. Its metal header is slightly twisted out of shape, and the white paint is chipped and scratched, but I think it’s the most beautiful object I own.

  19. Donna H

    28 May

    I just love those mermaid cushions and living by the sea it would fit right in here.
    Being a bit of a car boot addict it’s tough to choose one thing…… the one thing that always makes me smile though is a mustard coloured Sylvac owl money box. It has the grumpiest expression!


    28 May

    My favorite vintage find is an old typewriter, that was on my grandmother’s attic. It’s baby blue and beautiful!

    I’d love the mermaid linen cushion! so pretty!

    xxx kissmequick

  21. Moira Millman

    28 May

    lovely giveaway, I’d choose the olive bird cushion if i was lucky enough to win!
    it’s so hard to choose a favourite find as I’m very fond of all my collection of 50’s and 60’s pottery and ephemera, but I do love birds so will choose my hornsea muramic bird tile which was a fantastic find from a charity shop a few years ago.

  22. guusje

    29 May

    My very favorite vintage finds is a really cool rockinghorse I found at the tip. Just stunning!

    I’m in ♥ with Misses mermaid!!!!!

    Big kiss, Guusje

  23. Cat

    29 May

    I love the mermaid girls! they are awfully sweet.
    favourite/best vintage find to date has been an amazing white table cloth with gorgeous grey flowers stiched on. So lovely.

  24. carme Sala

    29 May

    My favourite vintage finding is the floral suitcase that appears in the banner of my blog. ( you can have a look here:
    I bought it on Etsy…I paid more for the shipping than the whole value of the item! But it was a lucky finding!
    I prefer the mermaid cushion…although I adore all Roddy and Ginger designs!


  25. Ange Moore

    31 May

    I’m currently a little bit obsessed with vintage linen that I can make into kids pyjamas – and there are at least 5 op shops within walking distance of my office so I have found some beauties, but my favourite is a gorgeous 80’s butterfly sheet set, unused – in greys and oranges. Perfect for my 4 year old daughter.

    I love those cushion covers – the birds in olive and grey would perfectly suit my louge decor!!

    Thanks for sharing the love and congrats on one year of blogging!