supermarket sweep

supermarket sweep

i went to a party at tatty devine’s brick lane boutique last night to celebrate the launch of the supermarket sarah wall, which will be in situ until 16th august.

the wall is a vast array of eclectic nik-naks, all of which are available to buy. sarah’s speciality is the way in which she brings her products together in such an original and striking way – on a wall – thus creating a piece of artwork through the layering up of original pieces of jewellery and unique vintage finds, interspersed with retro packaging and advertising. i particularly love the price tags on the clothing rail, which were made from recycled frosties cereal packets!

you can read more about the party on sarah’s blog here, and see more examples of her fabulous walls here.


  1. Alex Loves

    16 July

    Oooh who’s that colourful chick in the pictures. Oh yes, that would be me.

    Lovely lovely evening! x

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