i have a special august break treat for you on the blog today: a chance to win yourself a case of truly scrumptious breakfast cereal, courtesy of the lovely folks over at dorset cereals.

all you have to do to enter is take a photograph of your favourite breakfast treat, post it up somewhere online (your flickr photostream, tweetpic, on your blog…) then add a link to your photograph in the comments below.

you have until 31st august to enter, and the winner will be picked by a member of the dorset cereals team.

i’m afraid you have to be uk based to enter the competition to win the case of cereal, but i will be adding an additional prize for an overseas winner, as i want as many people to get involved as possible!

breakfast is my new favourite meal of the day (have you seen all my tweets about brunch at caravan??) and i cannot wait to see the fabulous photos i know you guys will take!

i hope you are all enjoying your august break as much as i am!

much love,



p.s. dorset cereals is also running a competition to win a mini cooper which you can enter online here.


  1. Oh shame ! I’m French ! The breakfast is really my favorite meal too ! :)

    • kate

      18 August

      You can still enter Miss Giny! I’m putting together a special prize for an overseas winner. I’d love to see a snapshot of your favourite breakfast…

  2. em

    18 August

    Ooooh, excellent – I love breakfast. And I guess this means I am going to have to get myself some tasty breakfasts in. Those Shreddies just won’t cut it as exciting I don’t think……..

  3. Christina Sanders

    18 August

    Ohhh, I’d love to win some yummy cereal! I am a huge fan of breakfast, can’t leave the house without it!

    My favourite ever breakfast was this asparagus version of eggs floretine that I made with my mum last time I was visiting her on her small-holding in the French countryside.
    The asparagus came from the garden, the bread was fresh from the local baker and I made the hollandaise sauce with eggs from my mum’s chickens! It was amazing! So yummy and decadent – I wish breakfast could be like this every day.
    The picture comes from my mum and stepdad’s blog.

    • kate

      18 August

      Oh wow! That looks DELISH! x

      • Lisa

        18 August

        It surely does!!!
        Love asparagus!

  4. Lisa

    18 August

    This will be fun!
    Hungry just thinking about it. :-)

  5. saer

    18 August

    I love breakfast and don’t have just one favourite. I spend as much time making it as almost any other meal for shame…

    One of my recent faves was Eggs & Apple Benedict on Maple Syrup French Toast that I had a couple of weeks ago when holidaying in Dublin. Check it out here –

    It was sooo yum – the perfect balance of salt and sweet, crunch and soft..the spiced apples were cooked to perfection!

  6. Nicole

    18 August

    Scrambled eggs with spinach and goat cheese…but my favorite part of breakfast is my coffee!!!

  7. Jenny

    22 August

    You know, I’d meant to take a picture of the lovely stack of pancakes that I was treated to for my birthday breakfast, but forgot. Perhaps a blessing in disguise, as if brunch counts, I’m not sure brunches come better than shakshushka!

    I’ve been to the Ottolenghi restaurant in Islington for brunch, and it’s excellent, but it’s kind of nice to do tasty Sunday brunch at home…

    Here’s the rather gorgeous shakshushka I had for brunch today. Lots of lovely vegetables and spices with an egg poached with them while they cook. Because brunch isn’t brunch without eggs.

    If you’re curious, the recipe and rather lovely explanatory video are here!

    Yeah, we’re Ottolenghi fans.

  8. @ Kate : oh thank you ! So here it is :
    This is my favourite breakfast : tea, cake and jam !
    Miam Miam ! :)

  9. Angie

    27 August

    I think I can safely say I love ALL breakfast foods! Saturday breakfasts are the best – you can treat yourself to something nice, take your time and know that you get to do it again tomorrow :)

    As I mentioned, I have numerous favourite breakfasts but here’s one I had recently – blueberries (homegrown) and pancakes…

  10. Helen

    27 August

    I love breakfast and am forever photographing it, much to the amusement of my dining companions. This was the best breakfast on my recent holiday.

    I’m sure going to miss fresh berries when the summer is over.

  11. justine Gordon

    27 August

    Just read about your competition on the august break – here is my favourite, boiled eggs

    thanks, great competiton!