{you inspire me} aprile elcich

{you inspire me} aprile elcich

i had so much fun cutting and pasting recipes into my cookbook during the august break, but aprile elcich’s gorgeous collages inspire me to get creative with my crafting and create beautiful pieces of artwork like hers, which are inspired by carefully chosen passages from old books.

“i usually pick the last sentence on the page and see how it stands on its own,” says aprile, “then i choose images which help develop the phrase into something more.”

her technique is certainly effective, and the collages she creates speak volumes about the sadness of the human psyche. they remind me of a wonderful moment in mad men when betty draper is descibed as being  “so profoundly sad”. i think aprile elcich’s collages capture that essence of profound melancholy perfectly.


  1. Lisa

    7 September

    I absolutely love these compositions!
    Have a great day.

  2. micaela

    7 September

    i love love love this!!!

    do you mind if i share your link?

    i love it especially because i read the last line in books before i start reading them.

    i love how you described “the collages she creates speak volumes about the sadness of the human psyche.”


    • kate

      7 September

      of course you can michaela. i’m so pleased you like them, aprile is incredibly talented! x

  3. Chrissy Lewis

    7 September

    These are goregous, and inspiring. Love the creativity

  4. Marthe

    7 September

    These are great and so inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

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