{you inspire me} ele from kitchenist

{you inspire me} ele from kitchenist

my recent forays into baking have been inspired by the wealth of amazing food blogs that are springing up all over cyberspace, and one of my favourites is kitchenist, written by the lovely ele. one day, when i have own kitchen space to get creative in, i would love to write a food blog as lovely as hers.

ele is, in her own words, a 26-year-old fashion industry escapee who is passionate about all things related to design, green issues and food. kitchenist is is her personal cooking blog, where she writes all about her adventures (and misadventures) as an ecotarian foodie. each week she visits her local farmers market, and the fresh vegetables and produce she buys there inspire her recipes for the week. she tries to choose local, organic and sustainable ingredients whenever possible, and adapts recipes from the well-known cooking gods (nigella, jamie et al) to suit the season and her tastes.

busy bee that she is, ele also writes two other blogs:  kitchenisms, where she posts about kitchen gadgets, and kitchlit, where she reviews the latest cookbooks – both are well worth a read!


  1. Miss Giny

    14 September

    Beautiful pictures ! Yummy ^^

  2. Theresa

    15 September

    Those pictures are really making me hungry! I love such simple food as bread and butter, salad and a ripe tomato. Nothing makes me happier. Thank you for these inspirations for my lunch ;-)

  3. Ele

    16 September

    Thanks for this, Kate- you’re so sweet. I’m on holiday so I’ve only just seen it! xo

  4. Decofairy

    23 May

    I love the food styling so much! Great pictures !!! :)

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