things to make and do

things to make and do

given the success of the papered parlour, it was only a matter of time before another lovely crafty shop opened its doors in london. so,  on the recommendation of my friend ellie of home shopping spy, i paid a visit to the delight that is drink shop & do.

located just around the corner from kings cross station in an old victorian bathhouse, drink shop & do is a vertitable playground for all those who love vintage treasures, homemade cakes, speciality teas and getting crafty doing activities such as ‘playing with clay 80’s style’ and ‘dot to dot to discos’.

the shop is the brainchild of best friends kristie and coralie, who met on the  first day of secondary school and have been friends ever since. the premise was to create a place where tea was served in beautiful teapots, cakes were sticky, and where if you felt like it you could play a game of scrabble or see some displays of local designers crafts and products, in a fantastical looking place, that was open to the community. and there you have drink shop & do in a nutshell!

every tuesday evening there is a free knitting group open to all levels of knitters from beginners onwards. you can bring your own knitting, or buy vintage wool and needles from just 50p! or if knitting is not your cup of tea, there are regular evening classes held, ranging from badge making to book binding and the aforementioned ‘dot-to-dot-disco’ which sounds like the most immense sort of retro fun. the next disco is fri october 1st from 8pm. perhaps i’ll see you there?


  1. Miss Giny

    22 September

    It’s a lovely place ♥

  2. Christina Sanders

    22 September

    Wow, that place looks great. And it two weeks I am moving to right by Kings x. How perfect!

  3. lisa

    22 September

    Looks like a wonderful place!
    Your photos of it are beautiful!

  4. a tiny hurricane

    22 September

    wha a great place. might have to check it out, oh and try the cakes too!

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