a girl after my own heart

yesterday i had the pleasure of meeting some very talented london-based design bloggers, at a very special get-together at drink shop do, organised by the lovely ellie of home shopping spy and lynne of tea for joy.

i’m sure that over the next few days i’ll share loads of links to images of inspiration from these girl’s beautiful sites but the one i’ve been caught up in all evening is heaven in a wild flower, a stunning food blog by the equally stunning eunice, who shares my penchant for macarons! you simply must head over to her blog to see her macaron chronicles, and her truly delectable styling!

i think i’m going to try my hand at the mango and lychee mousse macarons over the weekend, or maybe the black and white sesame ones. no, wait, the fig and mascarpone… or the chocolate peanut butter banana….


  1. Behind the Lashes

    12 November

    Good luck making the macaroons!!!

  2. Pauliina

    12 November

    Delicious! That looks & sounds really great!

  3. julie @ rosy + tart

    12 November

    What beautiful pictures! I love the pairing of macarons & jewelry. Looks perfect to me!

  4. carole

    12 November

    Isn’t her blog amazing! And she’s so modest.
    Lovely to see you the other night btw. Make sure you drop by DD’s blog next week I’ve got lots of lovely giveaways (including a Lorna Syson flower!!) for my blog birthday.
    So excited. x

  5. macaroons + the color pink + diamonds = heaven

    xo, Anna of green gable

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