deck the halls with bells from etsy

deck the halls with bells from etsy

1. unsilvered 1940s christmas ornaments, especial ethel  2. harlequin jester ornament, north brooklyn dry good  3. atomic starburst ornament trio, tipple and snack  4. antique handpainted glass ornaments, roberta grove   5. vintage wooden tree ornaments, hindsvik  6. tiny vintage christmas glass ornaments, tc witchcraft factory  7. vintage shiny brite bells, the classic farmhouse  8. vintage 1950s glass christmas ornaments, belmodo  9. vintage mercury glass ornaments, shaving kit supplies

deck the halls with some of these lovely vintage inspired decorations from etsy, then settle back to enjoy this week’s christmas gift guide selections, coming very soon…


  1. Will

    29 November

    Deck the halls, indeed! Fabulous pics and super colourful!

  2. jenvoyce

    29 November

    Beautiful. Really wanted no 8 but they’ve sold! Esp loved the mushroom one….. oh well.
    Your last 3 post really sum up the the frosty days we’re having and the twinkly optimisim of Christmas. Lovely.

  3. Katy

    25 November

    I love this selection, Kate! I’ve been wanting some new little vintagey/kitschy decs so these are perfect. Thanks for sourcing them x

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