bake-a-boo, cake-a-boo

{all photos © bake-a-boo}

if you follow me on twitter you may have spotted a whole flurry of tweets last friday about north london tea room bake-a-boo.

accompanied by fellow bloggers alex, sarah and katie, we trekked north of the city and braved the freezing cold to sample the delights of bake-a-boo’s famous afternoon tea and my, my, what a treat lay in store!

we were presented with a beautiful cake stand laden with traditional finger sandwichs of egg mayonnaise, cucumber and cream cheese, freshly baked scones and glitter-dusted mince pies, melt-in-the-mouth butter biscuits in the shape of teapots, chocolate dipped strawberries and – the icing of the cake (ahem!) – glittery cupcakes decorated with our names and delicate sugarcrafted roses.  we then washed all this down with a giant pot of winter tea, and sat marvelling at the kitsch pink decor and the eclectic array of vintage china, gossiping all afternoon long. a truly fabulous way to spend a friday afternoon!

p.s. booking is essential, as the tea room is petite and bijous and incredibly popular with the locals!


  1. Heather Jenkinson

    15 December

    God, they make it so easy when they present you with such a gorgeous selection of images, don’t they? Anyone who takes that much effort in getting it right, always gets it right – I like their Flickr stream, they look fun, too. Well worth the trip, I see….

  2. Nannas Home

    16 December

    Gosh i got hungry of all of these lovely pics…

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