inspiration from the kitchen

inspiration from the kitchen

hi there, i’m ele – the girl behind the kitchenist and kitchenisms blogs. kate asked me to contribute a guest post to her lovely blog while she’s off enjoying her travels. though thrilled to be asked, i found the question she put to me, what inspires you?,  tricker than it first appeared.

no matter how you look at it, inspiration is an elusive creature, hard to find and harder to define. sometimes where it comes from is obvious; we go to an art exhibit, buy a design book or see a beautiful film. other times it’s more subtle, sneaking up on us when we least expect it. the way it affects us can vary, as well. the inspiration that prompts you to chop off all your hair or paint your bedroom blue is a different animal from the one that, say, makes you want to try taking lemon in your afternoon tea.

with all this variation in mind, i’ve tried to keep things simple here. these are the three things which never fail to inspire me, and for that reason, which i always hope to have in my life.

farmer’s markets & fresh produce

perhaps a little obvious for a girl with a vegetarian food blog, but true nonetheless. i love the colours, smells, sounds and possibilities which abound at a farmers’ market. the way a strangely shaped squash can make you laugh, or the first strawberries of the season can prompt a delicious new recipe. eating seasonally is important to me, and buying food in this way, directly from those who grow it, helps me feel healthy and connected to the world around me.


i moved to london from canada nearly 5 years ago, and one of the best things about my new city was having europe on my doorstep. i love to travel; from trying new foods and figuring out currencies to seeing famous sights and discovering new ones, it’s a constant source of inspiration. beyond anything else, i love waking up in a strange place  with nothing but “explore and have fun” on my to-do list.

though new york city and italy are my favourite destinations, those to which i return time and time again, i’ve also managed trips to france, germany, sweden, and the netherlands in recent years. these days, northern cities like copenhagen, helsinki and stockholm are on my radar.

art & design

art and design have always been part of my life, from the painting i did as a teenager to the fashion design i studied at university. starting kitchenist opened my mind to food styling and photography, and blogging on kitchenisms means i’m constantly on the hunt for well-designed home products and beautiful interiors. i’ve also got a passion for vintage, as good design truly stands the test of time.

i’m currently studying interior design and hope to make a career of it, but i know that no matter where my life takes me, the creation and appreciation of beauty will always be a part of it.

{all images © eleanor büsing, except art & design section, from top: what katie ate, virginia graham bowls, kitchen via emma’s designblogg, lamps from trampoline}


  1. Jen

    1 February

    Wow! You sound like a person very close to myself!! I grew up selling produce at farmers markets, and I loved it!! I also love the fun of picking veggies out of my own garden now! And then the travel part of you! I am a victorian decor lover and would love to see all the really cool places in Europe, unfortunately I live in the States and will probably never have the money to go that far but I do dream…:)

  2. Helena - A Diary of Lovely

    1 February

    just felt in love with a new blog, thanks!

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