stack ’em high

1. miniamo silicone whisk, the cooks kitchen  2. ‘mysqueeze’ lemon squeezer, mydeco  3. gingham frill apron, lovely lovely  4. hale & hearty gluten free organic 4 grain pancake mix, planet organic   5. lilly’s maple butter, nc general stores  6. french beechwood cooking spoon, bailey doesn’t bark  7. primary confection measuring spoons, anthropologie  8. silver pancake pan, john lewis  9. keith brymer jones mixing bowl, beth stevens

mmmm, pancakes!

regular readers of this blog will know how much i love them, dripping with maple syrup, preferably with a side of crispy bacon – yum!

i tried a unique spin on this classic combo at the weekend – gingerbread flavoured pancakes with the afforementioned maple syrup, crispy bacon and a fried egg. delish!

how will you be having your tomorrow?


  1. katie antoniou

    7 March

    gorgeous post!

  2. Mmmm I’m having mine thin and crepe-y tonight with maple syrup.

    Normally, I like them dripping with melting vanilla ice-cream, banana, and chocolate sauce… because I am a terrible pig when it comes to pancake day!

    I have my Jif lemon at the ready.


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