the va-vamoose

at the bloggers4japan sale on saturday i was lucky enough to snaffle two beautiful necklaces from the vamoose, and as soon as i got home i had to look the brand up online – and just look at all the other lovely delights i found!

aren’t these lifestyle shots from the spring awakening collection just gorgeous? designed by kathryn blackmore, the pieces are inspired by natural history, her growing collection of vintage finds and an exploration of traditional crafts with modern influences. i’m coveting pretty much everything from the shop right now, and am just so delighted with my purchases – they are going to go with everything!


  1. Heather

    28 March

    That’s very pretty. What a delight it must be to purchase something and then find that it’s made by people with such an enduring love for all things precious.

  2. Nathalie

    29 March

    Thanks for sharing. What stunning jewellery! I think I might have to treat myself. It’s so unique.

  3. Im so gutted I missed it! I love her necklaces, MUST get one soon!

  4. Hi, Just came across your blog – love it – especailly this post – how beautiful are those shots – on my way to see the vamose site now. Thanks x

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