make mine a soy flat white

make mine a soy flat white

i never usually need an excuse to treat myself to a coffee concoction, but as this week is uk coffee week i’m contractually obliged to indulge myself, right?

uk coffee week celebrates the success and vibrancy of the british consumer industry and hopes to raise more than £1 million, which could make a life changing difference to up to 100,000 people living in coffee-producing countries. coffee-guzzling brits will be able to make 5p voluntary donations across a wide range of uk coffee shop venues, including my three favourite london coffee houses – kaffeine, milk bar and flat white – as well as the “big three” that you find on every street corner.

100% of all consumer donations to project waterfall which helps to deliver safe drinking water and sanitation projects for up to 100,000 people, specifically in coffee producing countries in africa. clean water is something that we take for granted in the uk, but in many developing countries access to safe water is extremely limited causing severe hardship for millions of people.

so, what are you waiting for? that caramel macchiato is calling…


  1. Rachael

    19 April

    Just came across this post – I used to work round the corner from Kaffeine, and would like to proclaim it as the best coffee shop in London! Amazing coffee and sensational cakes – plus a really cool, laid-back feel to the design of the shop.

    Loving your blog – having just started my own at I’m always on the lookout for inspiration, so thank you!

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