stamp it out

1. vintage wooden letterpress stamps, euro vintage  2. vintage city central office stamp, same same mary jane  3. old japanese wood stamps, wold heart  4. office industrial rubber stamps, world vintage  5. vintage 60s rubber stamps, the mother load  6. 2 vintage rubber stamps, treasure darling  7. vintage numbers and squares stamp set, bouquet  8. vintage rubber stamp wooden blocks, wisteria studio  9. vintage wooden rubber stamps, the cozy corner

i have a long-standing love affair with vintage rubber stamps and love perusing the letterpress stands at portobello looking for gems to add to my collection. i have numerous k-a-t-e ‘s (rather unoriginal, i know!) and am always on the lookout for other symbols or fonts to help build my collection.

for some reason i had never thought to look on etsy before but today i did, and of course found plenty to add to my wish list! i particularly love the vintage library style stamps, where you can spell out entire words in tiny letters to stamp onto greetings cards or create bespoke wrapping paper. i love to use old scraps of wallpaper (i always have loads left over from shoots) and decorate them with the appropriate greeting – bonne anniversaire, joyeux noël, joyeuses pâques. for some reason i feel there is something very chic about writing my greetings in french, although i’m not quite sure why!


  1. Lucy Burchell - Lucy Loves Fabric

    19 April

    Why the devil not then if that makes you happy..

    Stamps are cool… another thing for me to consider starting to collect! I’ll add it to the list haha

    Au revoir ;-)

    Lucy xo

  2. Clare Pirie

    22 April

    You may have awakened a dormant obsession! I love these stamps…..thanks for posting.

  3. Melissa

    22 April

    Thanks for including my vintage office stamp in your collection. Vintage stamps are so much fun!

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