one word: wow

{your truly with with arianna, carole and lise}

i haven’t had a chance to sort through all my photos from the AMAZING meet the blogger event in amsterdam yet, but already there are hundreds of photos on facebook and flickr and plenty of round up posts!

there is so much to tell, so many inspiring moments to share and so many wonderful new bloggers to familiarise myself with that i barely know where to start! the best i can do right now is point you in the direction of the truly inspiring holly becker and ask you to read her fabulous post on the event.

my own thoughts (and photos from sunny amsterdam) will follow…

{photography: jurriaan hoefsmit, thorsten becker and holly becker}


  1. oak console

    30 June

    It was a truly great event. I hope there will be many more like it in the future

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