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hello 2012!

| “i love my city” art print by judy kaufmann |

i cannot believe how quickly 2011 came and went, but boy am i excited 2012 is here!

as a proud londoner i am absolutely bursting with joy that my beloved hometown will be hosting the greatest spectacle on earth this year; the games hold so much hope, so much promise, so much opportunity, and i hope to take inspiration from this most magical of moments in london’s rich history and make 2012 my year too.

i’m not making a plan, i’m not setting goals, all i commit to doing this year is embracing the olympic spirit and saying ‘yes’ to every opportunity, and see where it takes me…

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  1. That poster is wicked but I wish they’d do one for certain cities. That one is a bit too American for me. It would be good to see famous backgrounds of London, Manchester etc….

    And Happy New Year to You too!

  2. happy new year kate! hope it’s a bright and beautiful one! I can’t decide to be in London or escape to Spain for the Olympics (is that a bit grumpy of me!?)

  3. Hello Kate, I feel the same way as you about London and all it offers. 2012 is another biggie… happy new year.

  4. VERY nice poster. I too would like to see other versions. A good collection of cities would look splendid all in different colours but similar tones…hmmmmm.