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i’ve been wanting to share photos of my workspace with you for ages but the light quality has been absolutely terrible recently. please accept my apologies for the grainy camera shots, but i really couldn’t wait any longer!

there is something so cathartic about a new year; throwing out the old, ringing in the new. you may have noticed i’ve made a few changes to the layout of the blog recently – streamlining things slightly, stripping it back. i hope you like it?

i’ve so many exciting things planned for the new year, not least of all heading across the channel to maison & objet in a few weeks to check out all the new design offerings for 2012! there will also be a few new regular series popping up over the course of the next few weeks which i’m very excited about working on.

i hope you’ll join me for the journey…

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  1. Fun and inspiring work space!
    Thanks for the share x kat

  2. You can see a creative and stylish person works here. I like it. How exciting that you are going to Maison & Objet. Have a great time!

  3. I love the simplicity of your work space, but I have to admire the organisation.

    I don’t know if you tidied it up for the photo!! BUT as I currently work out of a bag and several hotels I am slightly jealous of how neat it is.

    I love the pin board, it’s something I wish I could have to put all my ideas on.

    One day I might get a work space worth photographing too!