you can camp in my castle

with all the dismal weather we’ve had these past few days i’m dreaming about about getting away from it all and cosying up in a snug little bolt-hole, and one of these adorable mini caravans would be just the ticket!

these refurbished mobile homes are housed inside the factory-setting of silke lorenzen and sarah vollmer’s conceptual huettenpalast hotel in berlin, and are sited alongside indoor-built cabins with an enormous amount of charmingly kitsch campsite appeal.

what do you think? fabulous, huh?


  1. Michaela

    4 January

    Loving the new look – v nice! :-)

  2. Kelly

    5 January

    WOW!!! Great idea!!!Love these mobile homes!!!!

  3. Joanne

    19 January

    What a brilliant idea – they look so cosy. Grown up dens!

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